Everything From The SDCC Infinity War Trailer Marvel Still Hasn't Revealed

Scarlet Witch Thanos and the Collector in Avengers Infinity War

In July 2017, Marvel fans at D23 (and San Diego Comic-Con a week later) were given the first glimpse of Avengers: Infinity War. At both events, a three-and-a-half-minute teaser trailer for the impending epic was played, one showing Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy working together, Thanos' hunt for the Infinity Stones, and some cosmic action on an almost unimaginable scale. Needless to say, the reaction was electric, and details spread across the Internet like wildfire.

Marvel know how to keep the fans hyped, though, and the first official trailer wasn't actually released until December. It's now been followed up by a second trailer, and by now set visits and interviews have given fans a clearer idea what to expect from Infinity War. As a result, it's possible to deduce some of the main plot threads - although some, such as the location of the Soul Stone, remain a mystery.

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Two trailers on, though, there are still big moments from the D23/SDCC footage yet to be officially revealed the general public. Some of them are pretty big plot points for the movie, revealing how characters meet and teasing details about the big villain. Most likely they're being held back because they don't fit in the narrative flow of the released trailers (as well as ensuring fans see real and lasting value in attending events like D23 and SDCC), but they nevertheless tell us a lot about the movie. Here's every major difference between the D23/SDCC trailer and what footage has been officially released from Avengers: Infinity War.

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Thor Meets The Guardians

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers Infinity War

"Who the hell are you guys?" The first Infinity War trailer closed with a disoriented Thor confronted by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Those at D23 or SDCC had already seen much more of this encounter, though.

The footage opened with the Milano flying through space - through what seemed to be the remnant of a war zone. They encountered Thor in a typically humorous, offbeat manner, when his unconscious body slammed into the Milano's windshield, causing Rocket to scream about using the wipers to "get it off." The Guardians brought Thor's body aboard for examination, learning that he was still alive; Mantis awoke the God of Thunder with a psychic prod.

This was an early tease of Thor: Ragnarok's mid-credits scene, which closed with the last surviving Asgardians confronted the Sanctuary II, Thanos's spaceship. This clearly follows on directly from that showdown - one that may have serious implications for Loki - although trailers since have been understandably more focused on the actual interaction between Thor and his cosmic friends.

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The Collector's Vault

The D23/SDCC footage promised a return to the Collector's vault - and it doesn't look as though things will go well for this particular Elder of the Universe. Gamora was shown walking through the wreckage of the museum, with all its cases blown open. This may be the aftermath of the Power Stone's destruction in Guardians of the Galaxy, although considering the Collector was in possession of the Reality Stone, it's possible Thanos has learned as much and come to claim it.

It's unclear whether this sequence comes before or after the Guardians meet Thor (and may be absent from the subsequent trailers to hide just that) but it doesn't look likely Thanos has succeeded; no footage has shown the red gem in play - it's not even visible on Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet - although Joe Russo has confirmed the Reality Stone will be featured in some way. "We do use it," he confirmed to Screen Rant, although wouldn't give any details.

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