Chris Evans Autograph References Avenger: Infinity War Fan Theory

An autograph from Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan may finally confirm a popular Avengers: Infinity War fan theory. Modern fandom means nearly every scrap of information regarding a new project is surrounded by rampant speculation. When it comes to the culmination of the entire MCU to date - the world's first and most successful shared cinematic universe - it's no surprise that fan theories have been running wild. From who Peter Dinklage could play in Avengers 3 to how the X-Men could fit into the future of Marvel movies, there's been no shortage of ideas.

Outside of the livelier Avengers: Infinity War theories, however, has been one almost destined to prove true: that Steve Rogers will become Nomad. Superheroes often change their names in the comics and Captain America has hung up his shield on multiple occasions. One such period saw him in a new wardrobe sporting the name Nomad, and the fallout of Captain America: Civil War led fans to believe a similar turn would occur in the MCU. And while Steve's look in Avengers 3 is more reminiscent of his time running the Secret Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D., an unusual source of information may have confirmed his wandering identity in the movie.

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Mary Schulte posted a picture to her Instagram of an autograph she received from Chris Evan and Sebastian Stan. And though what they wrote could simply be a result of the two actor's sense of humor - not to mention Stan's well-documented trolling - there's reason to believe they may have preempted the announcement that Cap will become Nomad in Avengers: Infinity War.

As you can see, Evans signed both 'Cap' and 'Nomad,' with Stan 'I'm with Nomad.' Evans isn't known to prank fans, so it seems safe to assume that word will soon confirm Steve's new moniker in Avengers: Infinity War. Many blockbusters have small elements spoiled by toys and Halloween costumes, but actors themselves often let things slip ahead of official announcements. It's also not really a spoiler given we know Steve is on the run, no longer represents the American government, and has lost his shield. Simply using a new name hardly ruins anything.

Essentially, the inclusion of Nomad will add up to a big Easter egg, pleasing comics fans but likely not having a huge impact on the story. It's been well-established that Captain America was operating on his own, and there's hardly any doubt that Avengers: Infinity War will see him step back into the official fray. When he does, his old mantle is sure to return to him.

Of course, there's been plenty of talk about Phase 4 recasting a number of actors. Evans seems more than keen to continue on past the end of his contract, but Captain America's comic book history sets up Steve Rogers sticking around while someone else carries the shield. Perhaps Avengers 3 will even test these waters by giving someone else the iconic shield—though leading candidates Falcon and Winter Soldier are also on the outs with the authorities. Regardless of what the inclusion of Nomad means for the future of the MCU, his emergence in Avengers: Infinity War is sure to excite fans.

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Source: Mary Schulte

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