Avengers: Infinity War Sets China Release Date

Avengers: Infinity War is now confirmed for a May theatrical premiere in China, two weeks after it opens around most of the world.

Avengers: Infinity War sets Chinese release date on May 11.

The 19th installment in the famed MCU series and Marvel Studios' celebratory offering for its 10th year anniversary, the epic blockbuster will begin the culmination of the franchise with the introduction of Mad Titan Thanos - the most dangerous adversary that Earth's Mightiest Heroes will face. In a race towards six magical Infinity Stones, the Avengers, with the help of their brand new allies, need a game plan to foil the intergalactic villain's universe-altering plans. But first, they need to come together, set aside their personal issues if they want any chance of survival.

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A report from THR confirms that Infinity War is rolling out on Chinese cinemas on May 11 - a 14-day gap since the movie would've debuted in North America and most other territories worldwide. The MCU has done very well in China becoming the most successful franchise in the Middle Kingdom, even lesser known properties such as Ant-Man did well in the country with $105 million, while Avengers: Age of Ultron set the bar at $240 million. Given the magnitude of Avengers 3 and the number of characters and stars coming together for an epic blockbuster, the forthcoming flick definitely has a good chance of pocketing more than they usually do in the nation.

It's interesting to see if a two-week wait for Chinese patrons will affect that film's box office performance after Marvel Studios' decision to push Infinity War's release date to April 27 has also something to do with regional spoilers (as well as several other reasons). Unfortunately, Disney was unable to secure a day-and-date release due to Beijing's strict rules on their blackout policy. This allows only locally made Chinese films to open over important national holidays such as Chinese Labor Day on April 30  (Monday) and May 1 (Tuesday) resulting in a long weekend.

While Chinese fans need to wait two more weeks to see Infinity War after it rolls out in North America, China will be a significant part of the film's marketing with Disney gearing up for "a major Avengers Tour at the Shanghai Disney Resort on April 19 to promote the release." It's still uncertain whose coming to town to promote the movie, but considering that Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan and Joe Russo will be in Singapore to promote the film on the 16th, it's curious if the three will make a pit stop at East Asian nation for the Disneyland event. Otherwise, Marvel Studios can choose a small group of actors to fly to China to make an appearance there.

No word if the tickets have already gone on sale in China, but in the U.S., tickets are now available with the movie already started breaking pre-sale records hours after Marvel started rolling them out. Based on box office tracking, the movie is set to become the MCU’s highest grossing film in terms of its opening weekend with estimates of $215 million, proving people's interest in the upcoming blockbuster.

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Source: THR

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