Infinity War: Every Character That Survived Thanos' Snap

Avengers Infinity War Snap Survivors

Billions died in Avengers: Infinity War but who are the major MCU characters confirmed to have survived Thanos' finger snap? The Mad Titan succeeded in his mission to "balance the universe" by assembling the six Infinity Stones into the Infinity Gauntlet. Despite the best efforts of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Thanos snapped his fingers and killed half of all life in the universe. But that does mean 50% of the universe did survive, including many Avengers and their supporting cast.

Even months after Infinity War broke box office records, it's easy for fans to focus on the staggering number of characters who died. After all, those who faded into dust on-screen included major names like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and Groot. Even Nick Fury and Maria Hill succumbed to Thanos' snap (although not before the one-eyed super spy sent a distress signal to Captain Marvel). The effects of Thanos' finger snap were later felt at the conclusion of Ant-Man and the Wasp, which was set days before Infinity War but synched up to Avengers 3 during its mid-credits scene where Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, and Hope Van Dyne faded to dust, leaving Scott Lang trapped in the Quantum Realm.

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In recent months, several MCU actors as well as Infinity War's directors Joe and Anthony Russo have also confirmed more characters who didn't fade to dust, though there are a number of other names like Pepper Potts, Sharon Carter, the Collector, Korg, Nakia, Happy Hogan, the Red Skull, and Peter Parker's friends Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds whose fates are presently unknown. With Avengers 4 on the horizon, here is every character now confirmed to have lived through Thanos' snap:

Infinity War's Confirmed Survivors of Thanos' Snap

Avengers Infinity War Ending

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Steve Rogers led the combined Avengers/Wakandan defense against the Black Order and even personally fought Thanos. He also watched helplessly as his best friend Bucky Barnes faded into dust.

Tony Stark/Iron Man - Tony Stark was nearly killed by Thanos on Titan but Doctor Strange gave up the Time Stone in exchange for Stark's life being spared. Iron Man was last seen stranded on Titan with Nebula.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - The former Agent Romanoff was a key player in defending Wakanda from the Black Order and she lived through the ordeal and Thanos' finger snap.

Thor - With his new ax Stormbreaker, Thor turned the tide for the Avengers in Wakanda and nearly killed Thanos, but made a crucial mistake by not aiming for his head, allowing the Mad Titan to snap his fingers and murder billions.

James Rhodes/War Machine - Col. Rhodes risked a court marshal to help the Avengers and, after providing vital aerial support during the Battle of Wakanda, he also survived Thanos' snap.

Bruce Banner/Hulk - Hulk refused to emerge to help the Avengers so Banner fought in the Battle of Wakanda while wearing Hulkbuster armor. Since Banner lived through Thanos' snap, it's logical to presume his alter ego the Hulk did as well.

Rocket - After joining forces with Thor, Rocket is the only Guardian of the Galaxy who lived through Infinity War and he's now stranded on Earth after watching Groot fade to dust in front of his eyes.

Nebula - Nebula joined the Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy's battle against Thanos on Titan and she is the only other survivor on that dead world besides Tony Stark.

Scott Lang/Ant-Man - Scott Lang was in the Quantum Realm attempting to gather Quantum healing particles when Thanos snapped his fingers, leaving him now stranded and unaware of what took place.

Okoye - Okoye helped lead the Wakandan forces against the Black Order but watched in horror as her King T'Challa faded to dust in front of her eyes.

M'Baku - The leader of the Jabari Tribe put aside his differences with King T'Challa to help defend Wakanda and he was seen to have survived Thanos' snap.

Giant Ant - While Scott Lang was trapped in the Quantum Realm, the Giant Ant who lived in his house continued playing with his drum set, blissfully unaware of the billions who just died.

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