Avengers Characters Who Will Be Most Different In Infinity War

Steve Rogers aka Captain America in Avengers Infinity War with Prelude Comic

Avengers: Infinity War represents the culmination of everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building towards since its inception and will feature a colossal amount of superheroes from across the franchise. Avengers will meet Guardians of the Galaxy, newer additions such as Doctor Strange and Spider-Man will join the fray, key supporting figures such as Happy Hogan are along for the ride and there's even a chance that Marvel fans will get to witness the debut of Captain Marvel.

However, while some figures may be set to make their first appearance in the franchise, plenty of others have been around for years - albeit not quite as you remember them. Infinity War is going to change all of its main heroes, some to the point they're almost different characters.

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Of course, nobody will betray their ethos. Hulk will always want to smash things and if Tony Stark didn't drop his cocky billionaire persona during the Chitauri invasion, there's no reason to believe he'll do so here. Similarly, Avengers newcomers such as Strange and Ant-Man still have plenty of natural growth and development to undergo. But, on the other hand, plenty of other heroes are in line for a change of direction. Here are some personality shockers you can expect in theaters come May 4.

Captain America

Obviously, Captain America's grown a beard, for a start. Going beneath the facial hair however, it looks like Steve Rogers will be assuming his Nomad identity in Infinity War. This was teased the last time Cap appeared in the MCU during Civil War, where he staunchly refused to sign the controversial Sokovia Accords, but all signs point to him going full underground agent (until Tony Stark gives him the call).

Rogers has already had one of the most dramatic arcs throughout the Marvel franchise, transforming from a paragon of Patriotism (and... patience) to a S.H.I.E.L.D. fugitive and later, an outright political rebel. As a result, Infinity War would offer a radically different iteration of Steve Rogers; expect a more jaded, more serious Captain America in the fight against Thanos.


Heading into Infinity War, there are two huge questions surrounding Bruce Banner and Hulk. The first comes off the back of his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, in which Banner theorized that if he transformed one more time, he may become completely engulfed by the Hulk persona. Of course, Banner eventually did transform (albeit only after a hugely embarrassing descent onto the Bifrost Bridge) and ended the movie still very much in Green Mode - but how will he come back? The second big question mark is how Banner will cope during his inevitable reunion with love interest, Black Widow. The couple's relationship had barely begun when Banner took off into space, taking the concept of "it's not you, it's me" to impressive new heights.

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The Infinity War trailer has already confirmed that Bruce will indeed be able to transform back out of his Hulk form but the question of Mr. Hyde slowly but surely taking over Dr. Jekyll still needs to be answered. Banner will need to find a way of permanently co-existing with his inner demon. Whatever the case, as the third Avengers is the second part of a three-act story for Banner, don't expect things to be static.


Despite Ragnarok's more light-hearted tone, Thor did not have a pleasant time in his third solo movie. Not only did the God of Thunder lose his beloved hammer, Mjolnir, but his father died, his planet was destroyed and he lost an eye. It doesn't look as if things will improve much at the outset of Infinity War either, considering his brother Loki looks primed to hand the Tesseract over to the villainous Thanos, resulting in him stranded in space and picked up by the Guardians of the Galaxy.

While Ragnarok dealt with the emotional impact of losing Odin and Mjolnir, Thor's other misfortunes are still very fresh and the loss of his homeworld in particular will surely be a big factor for the Asgardian in Infinity War. Whether this fires Thor up and provides him with a fiery edge or whether he'll be forced to seek solace and comfort in his Avengers pals remains to be seen but one thing is for certain, Chris Hemsworth's character won't be the same wise-cracking, good-time Norse god of old.

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