Avengers: Infinity War Cast Almost Made a Music Video

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The cast of Avengers: Infinity War actually tried to make a music video on set, before calling the effort off.

No superhero movie has ever had more major characters than this year's Avengers: Infinity War. At one point, the film was believed to have over 60 characters; Chris Hemsworth recently revealed that this was underestimating the scale of the production. "There are 76 cast members or something like that," he revealed. It's easier to list the characters who are not confirmed for the movie.

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With so many talented actors on set, it's no surprise the cast had a lot of fun. Speaking at MCM London Comic-Con (h/t Radio Times), Anthony Mackie told eager fans that they had even tried to make a music video during production:

"We had this idea of making a music video, of this song. And we shot half of it, and then people realized how bad they were at dancing, and we couldn’t get anyone else to dance."

According to Mackie, Mark Ruffalo's dancing is something everyone has to see - once. "Mark Ruffalo, with polka dots and a skintight suit on, dancing," he added. "Awful." The video is sadly unfinished, so the odds of it ever going public are slim.

Mackie regaled the crowd with tales of the pranks that the cast love to play on one another. Fans have already noted that Mackie and Tom Holland seem to have an entertaining sense of camaraderie; it seems behind-the-scenes they're even more amusing:

 "I almost pushed Tom Holland in a lake. But then he got so angry he almost jumped in the lake trying to push me in the lake. Which made it so much better."

According to Mackie, the cast have a "sacred vow" not to disclose some of the pranks. One of his favorite targets is apparently Ant-Man star Paul Rudd. "They're shooting Ant-Man down the street," Mackie laughed, "so I just go and bully Paul Rudd for an hour and then come back to set." He also described Rudd as "an easy target [who's] just happy, he's like lalalala. So he's easy to get."

Whether or not the music video is ever released, it sounds like the blooper reels and behind-the-scenes footage from Infinity War will be absolutely hilarious. What's more, given Mackie tended to prank Rudd on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp, that film's bloopers should benefit from the pranks too.

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Source: Radio Times

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