Infinity War Fan Imagines Captain Marvel Receiving Fury's Message

Avengers: Infinity War fan art depicts what might have happened to Carol Danvers after she received an urgent page from Nick Fury.

Fan art recently appeared on Twitter showing Captain Marvel receiving that desperately sent pager message from Nick Fury after Thanos' snap. It has been 48 days since Avengers: Infinity War's ending sent a shock through the entirety of the MCU leaving fans wondering what will come to pass in Avengers 4. Among the multitude of questions fans were left with is one pondering where Captain Marvel has been through all this.

At the end of Infinity War, audiences were privy to one scene far and away from the epicenter of events in Wakanda. The scene opens in New York City after Thanos snapped his fingers. Chaos ensues as cars hurl out of control, a helicopter falls from the sky as their operators fade from existence amid panicked pedestrians turning to dust. Nick Fury and Maria Hill are caught in the middle devising a response when Hill dissipates before his eyes. Realizes the enormity of the circumstances, he digs a pager from his gear and sends a message before he too, blows away in the breeze. Left in the wake is the pager eventually making its connection, signified only by the insignia of Captain Marvel.

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The question persists, where is Captain Marvel? Well, thanks to Stephen Byrne's artwork, fandom gets an outlet for their musings. Titled, After the Snap 3 (part of a line of illustrations depicting the MCU after the fateful incident), Byrne imagines Captain Marvel out in far flung reaches of the galaxy, battling a skrull as he too begins fading to dust. Incomprehension on her face, a signal catches her eye. She picks up a pager and reads a message on its screen, “Incoming Transmission. Code: Fury”.

This might not completely satisfying, because fans can never be fully sated when it comes to wanting to know everything right now. MCU fans will have to find solace in this one vision of what happened from Carol Danvers's perspective as the apocalyptic events churn their way throughout the universe, imagined as it may be.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom will have to wait until next March when Captain Marvel, with Brie Larson in the titular role, opens to see how Carol Danvers attains her powers and, hopefully, find some account of her absence since the inception of the MCU. Thankfully, after that moviegoers will only have to wait two months to bear witness to how the remnants of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Captain Marvel set right what went wrong in Avengers 4.

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Source: Stephen Byrne Twitter

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