Marvel's True Believers Comics Suggest Carol Danvers Will Be In Infinity War

Marvel's latest "True Believers" one-shots seem to suggest Captain Marvel will appear in Avengers: Infinity War.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Comics, for their part, clearly believe their best sales strategy is to capitalize on the movies. This year is already seeing the comic book publisher launch events related to the Phoenix Force, the Black Order, and the Infinity Gems. It's a fairly predictable strategy, given 2017 was a rough year for Marvel Comics.

Recent years have seen Marvel run an initiative known as the "True Believers." These are $1 reprints, used by Marvel to market characters and concepts they believe are going to sell. ICv2 has revealed that April's "True Believers" one-shots all tie into Infinity War. The list includes Thanos the FirstAvengers vs. ThanosInfinity GauntletThanos RisingInfinity Incoming!Rebirth of Thanos, and Infinity War. Intriguingly, there's one last addition that comes as something of a surprise: Carol Danvers.

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There have long been rumors that Carol Danvers will make some sort of cameo in Infinity War. When Marvel first began issuing casting calls for the film, they included Brie Larson's name. The Russo brothers accidentally hinted that Captain Marvel would appear in Infinity War, and Larson's recent filming schedule has caused a great deal of confusion. Although Larson's recent filming in California was related to tax breaks, she also filmed scenes in Atlanta. These may well be related to Infinity War.

The relationship between Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios soured over the last few years. Back in 2015, Disney forced a reorganization that split Marvel Studios away from the rest of Marvel Entertainment. Tie-in comics gradually changed shape, becoming little more than comic book adaptations of the latest movies. Thankfully, that seems to have changed this year. The tie-ins for Black Panther were original content, and Marvel recently began to publish their Infinity War Prelude miniseries. The first issue proved that these comics will be crucial setup for the movie.

Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios are clearly cooperating a little more closely again. That means the True Believers: Carol Danvers one-shot may suggest the comic book publisher knows something the fans don't. The timing of this one-shot suggests Marvel believe fans will leave Infinity War with a hunger to read more about Thanos, the Infinity Stones - and, crucially, Captain Marvel too.

It's just another breadcrumb along the trail fans have already been following for months. But it's certainly a promising one.

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Source: ICv2

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