Infinity War Writer Thinks Making Bucky Captain America is A Waste

Although fans have already started speculating about who might become the next Captain America in the MCU, it seems that at least one potential superhero will not step into those shoes any time soon. Avengers: Infinity War writer Christopher Markus believes that Bucky, aka. Winter Soldier (aka. White Wolf in the MCU now), should not become Captain America.

Even before actor Chris Evans indicated that his time playing Captain America on the big screen would come to an end after Avengers 4, fans have started to wonder about who might next take on the title of the First Avenger. In the comic books, the mantle was taken up by both Bucky Barnes and The Falcon. In the movies, Steve Rogers has always been Captain America (so far), but with Evans' departure, a new superhero could rise up and take on the role. Will the MCU take inspiration from the comic books and hand that mantle to Bucky and/or Falcon?

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Although Bucky did become Captain America in the comic books, Markus believes that making him Captain America in the movies would be a waste of the character. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Markus explained his reasoning:

"I will say, just on a fan level, I think Winter Soldier's so awesome that I'm always like, why are you wasting Winter Soldier and putting him in like Captain America outfit? You had two heroes now you got one."

With Evans' days of playing Captain America coming to a close, many have wondered if the MCU will do away with the character altogether. In the comics, Captain America is one of the most important member of the Avengers, so it is arguably more likely that the title will get handed down to someone else. Does Markus' comments suggest that the shield will next go to Falcon in the films? Or will Marvel depart from the comic books and hand it down to someone else altogether? It seems that this question probably won't get an answer in the immediate future, seeing as Infinity War focuses so much on Thanos and the Mad Titan's rise to power.

In spite of these comments, there are plenty of Marvel fans who would love to see Bucky become the next Captain America in the MCU. It's going to be hard enough saying goodbye to Evans' portrayal of Steve Rogers as is, much less having to bid farewell to the idea of Captain America with a familiar face behind the mask. One way or another though, we expect Cap's spirit to live on in the MCU, even if it's not Bucky who ends up carrying the flame.

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