Infinity War Breaks Another MCU Box Office Record In Second Weekend

Avengers: Infinity War continued its dominance at the box office, posting the highest second weekend gross in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The year's most anticipated film certainly delivered on its promise, parlaying positive word-of-mouth and fervent hype into a record-shattering opening weekend that saw it earn $640.5 million at the worldwide box office. Without much of note standing in its way, Infinity War has already set a number of all-time marks, including fastest to $1 billion globally (which it reached, astonishingly, without China). Since there was a three-week buffer between it and Deadpool 2, many saw this weekend as an opportunity for Infinity War to pad its already lucrative totals.

Earlier this year, when Black Panther was the Marvel movie breaking records on a daily basis, Ryan Coogler's franchise installment scored $111.6 million in its second weekend, which was the best in the MCU (and second best all-time). Given that Infinity War is outpacing Black Panther during the early stages of its run, it was expected the epic crossover would be able to pass that figure in its own second frame, and that's precisely what happened.

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Per Box Office MojoInfinity War earned $112.4 million domestically this weekend, raising its Stateside total to a whopping $450.8 million. It already ranks #15 on the all-time U.S. chart (topping The Dark Knight Rises) and has just about matched the domestic total of Age of Ultron ($459 million). Coincidentally, it is also 15th on the all-time worldwide chart with $1.16 billion. That haul puts it past Captain America: Civil War ($1.15 billion) and has it knocking on the doorstep of Iron Man 3 ($1.21 billion). Unless something catastrophic happens, Infinity War is going to sail past the $1.33 billion scored by Black Panther and make its way into the top five very soon.

Elsewhere at the box office, Overboard led the non-Infinity War pack with $14.7 million. The rom-com remake didn't impress critically, but it emerged as a solid counter-programming option for the date night crowd, giving couples an alternative to Thanos' mass genocide. A Quiet Place continued to hold well, coming in third with $7.6 million. This weekend's other wide releases, Tully and Good Samaritan, didn't fare as well. The former finished in sixth with $3.1 million, while the latter earned $1.7 million to come in 10th place. This weekend's top five also consisted of I Feel Pretty ($4.9 million) and Rampage ($4.6 million).

Infinity War was the second-fastest film to $450 million (10 days), making it well ahead of Black Panther (which reached $450 million in 15 days). Infinity War will easily work its way into the top 10 during the week, and then how far it goes will depend on the competition. Black Panther feasted on a weak crop of genre offerings in late February and March; it never faced something along the likes of Deadpool or Solo (which should break records of its own). It seems likely Infinity War can outgross Jurassic World or Titanic, but its rivals may prevent it from reaching the heights of Avatar. Time will tell.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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