Avengers: Infinity War Board Game Pits Players Against Thanos

Marvel has revealed the first images and details for Thanos Rising, a new board game inspired by Avengers: Infinity War. Thanks to the surprising change of release date for Infinity War, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's biggest movie yet is less than two months away. Fans are still anxiously awaiting the full-length trailer debut, but Marvel has been sure to churn out plenty of art and merchandise in the meantime to get audiences excited.

Last week, we got a look at a new line of Avengers: Infinity War toys. From Hasbro figures to LEGO sets to Funko Pop! vinyls, we've been slowly learning more about the look and plot of the film, thanks to various items going on sale ahead of its release. With plot details and footage still scarce, toys and shirts have offered a sneak peek at War Machine and Black Widow, and have teased the Outrider aliens who will be attacking Wakanda. Now, Marvel has released yet another novel way to cash in on and keep the pre-release buzz going around the movie.

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EW has the first look at Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War, a board game from Marvel and USAopoly, Inc. Details on the gameplay haven't been revealed in full yet, but there will be 190 pieces; including, various cards and tokens designed to help players fight against Thanos. 2-4 players can act as various Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy at once, and a Thanos figurine inspired by the movie is even included. Check out some images of the game below:


This isn't Marvel's first attempt to turn one of the popular film properties into a board game. Fox may still own the X-Men rights (for now), but that didn't stop Marvel and USAopoly from creating a Deadpool adult party game combining the Merc with the Mouth and Cards Against Humanity for a match made in heaven. It remains to be seen if the goodwill that superheroes have at the box office helps Marvel wade into the burgeoning board game revival market, but fans are probably excited for all things Infinity War-related at this point.

The board game doesn't reveal anything major about Infinity War, but it's actually an outlier in that regard. For example, Iron Spider's stingers were first revealed by an Infinity War deluxe figure tie-in; subsequent toys have revealed that the suit will have extra arms too, though they have yet to appear in any trailer or TV spot footage. That's just one more reason for Marvel to release the next Avengers: Infinity War trailer sooner than later - but in the meantime, this board game will suffice as a consolation prize.

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Source: EW

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