Avengers: Infinity War Gets an Epic Home Video Release Trailer

An epic new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has been released to promote the movie's upcoming home video release. Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated new film of 2018, the third film in the Avengers franchise has broken numerous records and made over $2 billion worldwide in the months since its theatrical release.

The culmination of 10 years and 18 earlier films, Avengers: Infinity War boasted the largest line-up of superheroes for a single film in cinematic history. The movie saw the Marvel Cinematic Universe's heroes unite against the Mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin), who sought the power of the six Infinity Stones. A critical and commercial success, the film is expected to shatter several more records later this month, when Infinity War hits digital HD on July 31. The film's Blu-ray releases two weeks later on August 14.

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Today, Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman posted a new trailer on Twitter confirming Avengers: Infinity War's home video release dates. In addition to confirming those dates, the one-minute long trailer offers a look at some of the best and biggest moments from the movie; they are also some of the most spoiler-heavy moments. Take a look:

This trailer, while thrilling, may prove problematic for those few people who have yet to see Avengers: Infinity War in theaters. The trailer spoils one of the most powerful moments in the film, where Thor takes to the field during the Battle of Wakanda, armed with his new axe Stormbreaker, after spending the better portion of the film seeking out a new weapon for the battle with Thanos. The trailer also spoils the surprise that, in a nice moment of comedic irony, it is Bruce Banner who is piloting Tony Stark's Hulkbuster armor, as well as the scene many considered to be the funniest moment of the film - the moment where Groot introduces himself to Captain America.

While the number of people interested in seeing Avengers: Infinity War who hadn't already seen it in the theater is small, the fact that this trailer spoils so many of the best moments of the film continues a worrying trend in the advertising for the MCU films. The most recent Marvel Studios' releases have all featured scenes in their advertising that were later revealed to be post-credits sequences that set up future MCU movies. While the MCU is an amazing accomplishment that has changed the nature of film-making and fan conceptions as to the sorts of stories a movie can tell, it is dangerous to assume that such scenes can be safely revealed in the home video advertising simply because of how many people saw those scenes already on the big screen.

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Source: Chadwick Boseman

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