Thanos' Black Order Looms In Infinity War Fan-Made Poster

Inspired by the recently released trailer for Avengers: Infinity War where most of the Black Order was nowhere to be found, brand new fan art puts Thanos' henchmen front and center. The villainous foursome of Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive are expected to help the Mad Titan collect all six mystical gems, meaning we will see them battle the Avengers and their new allies, who are all coming together to make sure the stones never fall into the wrong hands.

Marvel Studios has finally unveiled our first official look at their upcoming finale after months of waiting for fans who were not present at either D23 Expo or San Diego Comic Con this year, where they showed a sizzle reel for the movie. The clip highlights the gathering of most of the heroes in the famed franchise, although some are still missing from the action-packed trailer, such as Hawkeye and Ant-Man, two characters we know will also be part of the massive project. Onto the villain's side of things, except for a millisecond shot of Proxima Midnight, Thanos is notably alone in his conquest. And while it looks like he can manage on his own, it is still curious to see what his children are capable of in terms of wreaking havoc.


It may take a little while longer to see the Black Order debut on any kind of footage from Marvel Studios, but popular artist BossLogic has already taken the liberty to incorporate the foursome in his latest fan-made artwork. Using the recently released official Avengers 3 poster as his background, the illustrator cleverly included Thanos and his henchmen into the picture, with Iron Man's destroyed headgear lying on what looks like a battleground, hinting on the possibility of defeat not just for Tony, but for all our heroes. Check out the cool illustration below shared on the creator's official Twitter account:

Aside from Proxima Midnight, who was earlier revealed in several leaked images from the film battling Cap, Black Widow, and Falcon, as well as, the life-size statues of them unveiled back in July during the D23 Expo, we have yet to see the rest of the Black Order in action. In addition to that, while there were set photos featuring Ebony Maw tackling Doctor Strange in an effort to snatch the Eye of Agamotto aka the Time Stone, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor who plays the character via motion capture has yet to debut his final look for the film.

It's more likely that Marvel Studios is saving the reveal of the Black Order in future Avengers: Infinity War trailers. After all, this is just the first one and we still have six months to go before the epic blockbuster debuts on the big screen. If anything, this first look does not give away anything that we don't know yet. Instead, it just further builds up the hype and establishes the tone of what is looking to be the darkest and most serious MCU film to date with its high stakes and potential numerous casualties. And aptly so given that this is the culmination of everything that they have been working on since starting this whole franchise way back in 2008.


Source: BossLogic

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