Infinity War's Biggest Action Scene Is Even Bigger Than You Think

Marvel fans are about to witness the MCU's biggest action scene yet, thanks to The Avengers: Infinity War. There has been reason to expect as much, with the filmmakers calling Infinity War the "culmination" of the MCU to this point in its larger story. Newly every Marvel movie hero will be joining in on the fun and getting their hands dirty defending Earth from the Mad Titan, Thanos.

When you're fighting a villain who has the power to destroy a moon like Thanos does, the scale of action and storytelling can only rise to the occasion. But when we got the chance to speak with Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo in set, they teased a climactic battle even bigger than fans will expect.

If you thought Civil War's airport battle was a comic book brought to life... Infinity War looks to blow it out of the water.

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The Infinity War movie may be different from the comic upon which it's based, but the cosmic size of the threat, the stakes, and the villain himself are the same. The Infinity Stones many powers are the reason that the Avengers universe exists (and why the Guardians of the Galaxy got pulled in to the conflict, too). While the Russos stopped short of describing the major action scenes, or which Infinity Stone powers Thanos will use in battle, they confirmed one important assumption.

Since Thanos is Marvel's Biggest and baddest villain yet, taking him on will mean the biggest action scene that Marvel fans have seen so far:

You call the big airport scene in Civil War your big splash page, do you have the equivalent of that in this movie?

Joe: We have like an equivalent that's like, you know if you had a comic book and you open it up to your double panel and then you fold it out. And then you folded it out again and again.

Anthony: And you have another comic book laid out next to it.

Joe: So we have the equivalent of that in this movie.

The airport scene was an unforgettable set-piece for Marvel fans, for not only debuting the new Spider-Man in his new costume, but for lining up more established superheroes in a single scene than audiences had ever witnessed before. A momentous occasion that Marvel knew would stun moviegoers, leading them to feature the scene in most of their marketing.

So it should come as no surprise that with Infinity War called "the biggest movie ever made" by its own cast members, the filmmakers have yet to fully 'reveal' their major showdowns. There's still time for Marvel to clarify or answer all questions in the final Infinity War Trailers. But fans may have a hard time guessing which action scene in the footage so far is actually this record-breaking battle being teased by the Russos.

Okoye, Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, and Bucky the White Wolf in Wakanda for Avengers Infinity War

The first assumption may be the teased scene starring Thanos himself, squaring off with Iron Man and showing Spider-Man that saving the world is a grown-up's game (a battle created in the fan art by TheKnott14 above). With Doctor Strange, and presumably Thor and the Guardians also participating in the space battle, the scale seems to fit the Russo's description. But then there's the fight back on Earth, with the Avengers uniting in the battle for Wakanda. We got to see the Avengers' arrival in Wakanda being filmed, and the heroes on hand were enough for a team battle on their own.

It seems most likely that the Russos have both battles planned to build on one another. It's been confirmed that the Wakanda battle is Infinity War's entire third act, as Cap's allies go to war against Thanos's army of Outriders and whichever of Thanos's children remain by then. Logic says that Iron Man's side against Thanos will make up "another comic laid out next to it." What overlap there will be, if any, suddenly seems less important. With a cast of heroes this big, are two equally gigantic action scenes spread across thousands of miles the only way left to raise the bar?

We'll find out when Infinity War finally arrives. Assuming the Avengers trailer we're all waiting for doesn't confirm it first.

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Header Image edited from art by TheKnott14.

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