Avengers: Infinity War Gets Fan-Made Bandersnatch Treatment

With Avengers: Infinity War now on Netflix, a fan takes inspiration from Black Mirror's "Bandersnatch" in order to make fun of Star-Lord's poor choices. A few days back, Netflix attempted to reinvent the streaming experience with "Bandersnatch," a standalone Black Mirror movie that offers viewers the ability to interact with what they're watching in a manner similar to a "choose your own adventure" book. Bandersnatch has been by no means universally praised, but most do agree that the experiment is an interesting one.

Of course, as one makes their way through daily life, there are many pivotal moments where someone makes a bad choice, and they wish they could take it back and go down the right path. Stories like "Bandersnatch" make this idea reality, albeit in a fictional format, as sadly, it doesn't seem like time travel will ever be an actual thing. The characters in Infinity War certainly made many decisions that they probably wish they could get a do-over on, whether it be Spider-Man deciding to stow away on The Black Order's ' Titan-bound ship, Gamora telling Thanos where he could find the Soul stone, or Thor not aiming for the head.

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In the eyes of many fans, the most regrettable mistake made in Infinity War was Star-Lord's decision to violently attack Thanos while Mantis and the other heroes had him subdued. The Infinity Gauntlet was so tantalizingly close to being off Thanos' hand, but Star-Lord just had to lose his temper. In his defense, finding out the love of one's life has been killed doesn't exactly lead to a state of mental stability. As 2018 says goodbye though, Reddit user Anilsoi11 has used the "Bandersnatch" choice format to take one last dig at Peter Quill's terrible decision-making abilities. Check the post out below.

As much fun as Marvel fans have had at Star-Lord's expense since Infinity War's release in April 2018, the above clip serves as a reminder that Nebula was also somewhat responsible for Peter's actions. She made the separate poor decision to inform Peter that Gamora had headed off to Vormir with Thanos, and hadn't returned. If she could have just kept that information to herself a tad longer, Peter likely wouldn't have jumped straight to the idea that Thanos had killed Gamora on his own. Because of Nebula's words, Peter asked Thanos directly about Gamora's fate, and he wasn't in a position to lie, beginning a deadly chain reaction.

The arguable idiocy of Star-Lord's actions against Thanos aside, it can't be said that he didn't have to pay for his error. While there didn't end up being enough time for Peter's fellow heroes to deservedly read him the riot act after Thanos escaped and initiated the snap from Wakanda, the man literally turned to dust, and lost his life. With a third Guardians of the Galaxy movie planned - assuming Marvel Studios ever hires a director to replace James Gunn - it's clear Star-Lord will somehow be resurrected during Avengers: Endgame. At that point he'll hopefully offer a sincere apology for indirectly dooming half the universe, assuming he remembers what happened in Infinity War.

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Source: Anilsoi11/Reddit

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