Iron Man's Got Some All-New Upgrades in Avengers: Infinity War T-Shirts

Tony Stark adds some fresh upgrades to his Iron Man suit in new merchandise art for Avengers: Infinity War tie-in shirts. As we slowly approach the release of Marvel Studios' massive ensemble movie, more promotional materials are starting to arrive giving us an inkling as to what we can expect from the upcoming blockbuster. While some come in the form of trailers and official stills, sometimes, they also arrive via pieces of tie-in merchandise, as is the case now.

The Iron Man suit has evolved over the last 10 years with Tony's goal to improve his armor from movie to movie. He even did some work on other heroes' outfits including Spider-Man's shiny new suit, Falcon's significantly better armor (plus Redwing) and even teaming up with Bruce Banner to create the Hulkbuster. But while we have come a long way since the days of the Mark I, this new brand new iteration arguably is the most weapon-heavy out of all them, indicating that big bad Thanos is unlike any villain that the MCU has seen before.

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Two images surfaced of Infinity War T-shirts: one showcases the Gauntlet complete with the six mystical gems and the other one features some of the heroes that are expected to partake in the upcoming battle against Thanos. Spider-Man with his new suit, Teenage Groot, Rocket, Thor updated with short hair (and with both his eyes), Doctor Strange, and Black Widow sporting blonde hair can all be seen. However, the main takeaway from the merchandise's graphic is Iron Man's battle-ready armor equipped with new weaponry such as a bigger, single blaster, and even some cool new swords. On its back are a couple of shoulder-attached propulsion boosters that could be handy if the upcoming scuffle eventually calls for  Tony to launch into space. From the looks of it, the new garb mines inspiration from the Model-Prime suit that was front and center on Brian Bendis, David Marquez, and Christian Ponsor's run of Invincible Iron Man.  Check out the cool images below:

Infinity War T-Shirts
Infinity War T-Shirts

Given what's coming up, Tony upgrading his main Iron Man suit makes sense. We have even spotted Robert Downey Jr. sporting a different, more intricate-looking arc reactor in several on-set photos for the still-untitled Avengers 4.  Thanos, as posed by Marvel Studios, is the biggest and baddest villain that the MCU have seen thus far, with the genius billionaire being one of the people who is mostly worried about the looming danger brought by the mad Titan, it's only apt that he stacks his own armor with cool new features in preparation for what's to come. What is interesting, however, is that out of all the cool additions, Tony would opt to incorporate hand-to-hand-combat-focused weapons like the swords in his ensemble.

Of course, the T-shirt graphic is not a confirmation that the Iron Man model seen will appear in upcoming Marvel ensemble movies, although we're certain that Tony will be debuting upgraded armor as he does every time he makes an appearance in the MCU. Regardless of the new bells and whistles that the armor might have, it does not look like it will be much help, at least from what we have seen in the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. The record-breaking sneak peek that debuted last month features Tony going one-on-one with Thanos, and things are not looking up for our hero. The catastrophic nature of Avengers: Infinity War and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's hinting that some of the MCU's principal cast members will meet their end in either of the upcoming Avengers films, make it more worrying for fans of the franchise's pioneering superhero.

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