'Avengers', 'Hobbit', 'Mirror Mirror', & '21 Jump Street' Media Roundup

martin freeman bilbo baggins hobbit

The winter holiday season not only means lots of highly-anticipated titles flooding theaters, it also means tons of promotional material being released for upcoming tentpole productions - like The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus, to name a couple.

Today, we have new images from two other big blockbusters on the horizon, The Avengers and The Hobbit; in addition, new posters for the fairy tale re-telling Mirror Mirror and the hit 1980s TV show-turned-movie 21 Jump Street have been released online.

The Avengers

Comic book fans were recently treated to some brief bits of new footage in a German Avengers trailer, but it's safe to say, we're all still eagerly awaiting the unveiling of a second official domestic theatrical preview for writer/director Joss Whedon's superhero extravaganza.

Marvel Studios is treading on new territory, with its attempt to maintain continuity between all of the pre-Avengers productions; the film's ultimate success (or lack thereof) could have a big impact on which Marvel characters make the jump to the big screen next and how their respective solo ventures fit into the narrative framework established by their predecessors. More than that, a lot of people are just excited to see the live-action incarnations of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, among others, working together at last.

Check out the latest images released from The Avengers (individually) below:


avengers movie thor captain america

avengers movie iron man


The Hobbit

The first theatrical promo for director Peter Jackson's two-movie return to the world of Middle-Earth, The Hobbit, is set to be unveiled online tonight and will be attached to prints of this week's new release, The Adventures of TinTin (which Jackson produced). Between moviegoers' fond memories of Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, a series of entertainingly informative Hobbit production videos released by the filmmaker, and the snazzy costumes previewed from the film so far, it's easy to see why this fantasy prequel is easily one of the most (if not the most) hotly-anticipated titles due to hit theaters over the next couple of years.

To help pass the time before the first polished Hobbit footage is officially released, check out a new image of Martin Freeman as the film's eponymous character (a.k.a. the young Bilbo Baggins) and several of his dwarf companions, in the new pic below:


martin freeman bilbo baggins hobbit


Mirror Mirror

Immortals and The Cell director Tarsem Singh tries his hand at re-imagining a classic fairy tale with Mirror Mirror, a re-working of the Snow White story. The film feature rising stars like Lily Collins and Armie Hammer, veteran actors such as Sean Bean and Nathan Lane, and a (former?) Hollywood A-lister, as well as Oscar-winner, Julia Roberts.

Mirror Mirror is one of several fairy tale flicks due to hit theaters in 2012, alongside Snow White and the Huntsman, Jack the Giant Killer, and Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. However, Singh's film has the distinction of being the one fairy tale re-imagining that offers a more (over-the-top) whimsically comical iteration of a famous centuries-old story - as opposed to a darker, action-packed blockbuster variation. Whether or not Mirror Mirror will actually entertain anyone but the youngest of moviegoers, though, remains to be seen...

Have a look at the new Mirror Mirror posters in the gallery below:

[gallery columns="2" exclude="144313,144314,144315,144316"]


21 Jump Street

The 21 Jump Street movie marks (for lack of a better description) an intriguing union of creative talent. It's being directed by Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller, scripted by star Jonah Hill and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World co-writer Michael Bacall, and features a cast that includes a (skinnier) Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Rob Riggle, and Dave Franco, among others.

Both the green and red band 21 Jump Street trailers do a nice job of playing up the film as a Superbad-style fast-and-loose buddy action-comedy that boasts a whole lot of self-awareness, with regards to the absurdity of its basic premise (ie. adult cops passing themselves off as high schoolers). Even some moviegoers who normally detest Hill's particular brand of comedy have expressed interest in 21 Jump Street, based on the early footage alone.

You can check out the new 21 Jump Street poster (and its fitting double entendre tagline) below:


21 jump street movie poster


21 Jump Street and Mirror Mirror arrive in U.S. theaters on March 16th, 2012.

The Avengers will hit theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrives in (2D and 3D) U.S. theaters on December 14th, 2012.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again will be released a year later, on December 13th, 2013.

Source: Marvel, Warner Bros. (via Facebook), Emileeid, Columbia Pictures

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