Avengers: 25 Hilarious Hulk Memes That Will Turn You Green

Hulk in the middle of chaos

Funny Hulk memes are Marvel fan's favorite. Meme creators love Hulk memes because among Marvel superhero characters, Hulk is the easiest to meme due to his uniquely extreme character traits. Some of the most hilarious Marvel character memes include: the Hulk alone or paired with one of his Avengers teammates, such as Thor (his main rival in the Avengers team), Iron Man (Bruce Banner's science partner in the team), and the Black Widow, with whom his alter ego Banner has an emerging controversial relationship.

Hulk's unique physical and mental traits lend him so much to memeing and Hulk memes are popular online. The memes show fans creatively exploiting Hulk’s raging nature, green skin, boundless strength, and brutish intellect, to say a lot in very few words. Hulk’s superhuman musculature also makes him the subject of hundreds of popular memes circulating in online bodybuilding forums.

Hulk's green skin has inspired memes comparing him to other green-skinned fictional characters, such as Star Wars' Master Yoda, the ogre Shrek, and his partner Prince Fiona. Hulk's rivalry with the mighty Thor is also a favorite subject of spoofing memes. The debate over who is the strongest Avenger, the Hulk or Thor, rages on despite the MCU appearing to resolve the debate in Thor's favor when Hulk needed the intervention of The Grandmaster to beat Thor in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), and outlasted Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

As a tribute to one of Marvel Comics' best-loved superheroes, we present Avengers: 25 Hilarious Hulk Memes That Will Turn You Green.

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25 Hulk Just Can't Wait To Get To The Gym

The black and white photo showing the Incredible Hulk running through heavy traffic is a still frame from an episode of The Incredible Hulk (TV series 1978-1982), starring Bill Bixby as David Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Incredible Hulk. Although we are unable to confirm the episode of the TV series from which this still frame was taken, we can confirm that the Hulk was not hurrying to the gym to work out and neither was he doing his cardio routine. Despite his phenomenal strength, the Hulk is not known to be a fitness enthusiast or a bodybuilder.

Hulk has to get in his daily work out, move out of the way!

The popular TV series tells the story of the Marvel Comics character Bruce Banner, a brilliant physicist, who, after being accidentally exposed to a high dose of gamma radiation, finds that he transforms into the Hulk when he experiences extreme emotional stress. His wife, Laura, passes in a laboratory accident in circumstances that involved the meddling investigative reporter Jack McGee. Banner becomes a fugitive and travels under assumed names in search of a cure for his condition. In his travels, he meets people who need help and he repeatedly gets into trouble, while trying to help. He often has to transform into the Hulk to get out of trouble.

24 Yoda Is Hulk's Daddy

Master Yoda, a fictional character in George Lucas' Stars Wars franchise, is not related to Marvel Comics’ Hulk. But despite the fact that the two characters and their franchises have nothing to do with each other, this meme exploits the fact that the two share green skins in common. The 900-year-old Grand Master of the Jedi Order is Hulk's daddy, as unlikely as it seems.

Yoda's nine centuries of life before his end in The Return of Jedi made him the oldest character in the Star Wars franchise, before the introduction of Lupita Nyong'o's CGI character Maz Kanata, who first appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Kanata, a retired pirate and smuggler, who runs a tavern on the planet Takodana is claimed to be more than 10 centuries old.

Yoda, General of the Grand Army of the Republic, played a father figure role when he first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back and was revered for his age and wisdom alongside other great Jedi Masters, such as Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Qui-Gon Jinn. The Jedi Master mentored several Jedi younglings. He trained Luke Skywalker, after declining to train his father Anakin Skywalker.

23 Hulk And Thor Incredible Bro Hug

The images are stills taken from the sequence in Thor: Ragnarok, in which Thor and the Hulk face off in the Grandmaster's gladiatorial arena on the planet Sakaar. The Grandmaster is the brother of Taneleer Tivan, better known as the Collector. Both the Collector and the Grandmaster are ancient beings born early in the history of the universe. While the Collector developed an interest in collecting rare artifacts and objects, his brother, the Grandmaster, became obsessed with organizing his Contest of Champions games, in which he forces kidnapped beings to engage in gladiatorial combat as a way of entertaining his oppressed subjects on Sakaar.

I know this bro from work! 

Thor is captured by the slave hunter Scrapper 142, one of the Valkyries who survived the battle with Hela eons ago. She uses the obedience disk to subdue Thor and sells him to the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster decides to pit Thor against his champion. Thor has no idea who the Grandmaster's gladiatorial champion is until the Hulk enters the arena to fight him. Thor is surprised when he sees the Hulk. He greets Hulk cheerily and asks what he's been doing since they last fought side by side against Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But, Hulk is not happy to see his old friend and denies any link with his alter ego Banner. So instead of the brotherly hug that Thor was expecting, the Hulk launches a devastating attack. The Grandmaster eventually intervened to prevent Thor from winning the fight.

22 Hulk Before And After

The meme contrasts the physique of the green-skinned ogre Shrek with Hulk's and concludes hilariously that Hulk was Shrek before bodybuilding workout transformed him into a mass of muscles. Movie goers were first introduced to the good-natured, swamp dwelling, green-skinned ogre in the movie Shrek, a computer animated fantasy comedy directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, with Mike Myers voicing Shrek, Cameron Diaz voicing Princess Fiona, and Eddie Murphy as the loquacious Donkey. The evil Lord Farquaad was voiced by John Lithgow.

Despite his soft-looking muscles and pot-belly, Shrek is phenomenally strong. He unwittingly participated in a tournament organized by Lord Farquaad and defeated all of Farquaad's knights. As the winner of the tournament, he was charged with the task of rescuing Princess Fiona from a tower in a castle guarded by a dragon, so that Farquaad can fulfill his dream of marrying a princess and becoming a king. Shrek was compelled to take the dangerous mission after Farquaad promised in exchange to remove the noisy fairy-tale characters he exiled to Shrek's forest. Shrek and his friend, the talking Donkey, find the castle and rescue Fiona. But it turned out that Fiona has a dark secret. Due to a childhood curse, she transforms into a Shrek-like ogre when darkness falls. Everyone soon learned her secret, and Fiona fell in love with and married Shrek.

21 Puny Hulk

The meme doesn't say it, but we'll go out on a limb and guess that the smaller Hulk is Lou Ferrigno's version of the Hulk, and that he is being compared with the much bigger and impressive-looking CGI versions from Hulk (2003) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's incarnation. The guess seems likely to be true because Ferrigno's Hulk was not only smaller than the more recent CGI versions, Ferrigno also wore a shaggy bright green wig, unlike the recent CGI versions that have darker hair.

We wouldn't want to be around for that fight.

Hulk has often referred to humans -- including his alter ego Banner -- as puny. In a creepy scene from Hulk (2003), Bruce Banner sees an apparition of the Hulk behind the mirror as he shaves. The apparition breaks through the mirror, grabs him, and calls him a "puny human." In The Avengers (2012), after Loki protested, saying that all beings -- including the Hulk -- were beneath him because he was a god, the Hulk grabbed him and slammed him repeatedly to the ground. As he walked away, he sneered and referred to Loki contemptuously as a "puny god." The MCU Hulk would also likely consider Ferrigno's Hulk a puny Hulk. Fans who love to debate which would win in a fight among the different versions of the Hulk all agree that the MCU Hulks would make short work of the 1980s version portrayed by Ferrigno.

20 The Credible Hulk

A nerdy version of the Hulk represents a startling departure from the mindless rage monster portrayed in the comics and the movies. This unfamiliar version of the Hulk actually wears a pair of spectacles to show that he spends a lot of time reading and studying. He brags about his love for facts and documented sources. The Credible Hulk recalls the Marvel Comics version of Hulk called Professor Hulk, who first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #377. Professor Hulk possesses Banner's intelligence, but Hulk's strength and size.

What Banner disapproves of most about the standard Marvel Comics version of the Hulk are his destructive rampages. However, he would likely love a Hulk alter ego that could sit down to discuss the latest theories of physics. Imagine an intellectual Hulk alter ego, who is able to make positive contribution to science rather than smash things.

However, the Hulk's Avengers team mates might not feel the same way about the Credible Hulk as a replacement for the Incredible Hulk in the team line-up. The Incredible Hulk's phenomenal strength so greatly enhances the effectiveness of the Avengers as a fighting force that Tony Stark bragged about it in The Avengers, when Loki confronted him and warned about an imminent Chitauri invasion.

19 Hulk's Incredible Pants

One of the most enduring mysteries about Banner's transformation into the Hulk is how he manages to avoid getting his pants ripped off during those frequent dramatic transformations from a nerdy scientist with an average body weight of about 180 pounds to a 1,000-pound, seven feet tall monster with bulging super muscles. Of course, fans who have raised the issue understand that Banner has to keep his pants on only because Marvel Comics needed to avoid inappropriate full-frontals. Despite that understanding, many still couldn't resist speculating how Banner might avoid making an embarrassing spectacle if his Hulking-out transformations occurred in real life.

Who needs indestructible armour, when you can have indestructible pants? 

The favorite fan explanation suggests that after his first transformation into the Hulk, Banner took care to always wear stretch pants that accommodate his transformations. However, some fans argued that his pants would have to be custom made because it unlikely that any pair of ordinary stretch pants would be able to accommodate his transformations into the Hulk. Being a brilliant scientist, Banner might have invented new synthetic stretchy material for making pants that prevent the Hulk from exposing himself. Stark is also a brilliant scientist and engineer, so he also could have helped Banner create the right stretchy fabric for Hulk's Incredible Pants.

18 Hulk Slash

Slash is the stage name of Saul Hudson, the lead guitarist of the rock band Guns N' Roses that shot to fame in the 1980s and 1990s. He is widely considered one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. In 2009, Time named him among the top 10 electric guitar players in the world. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. Before he left Guns N' Roses, he formed the rock group Slash's Snakepit in 1993. After he left Guns N' Roses in 1996, he became one of the founding members of the group Velvet Revolver, which included former Guns N' Roses bandmates, such as Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum. The group achieved considerable success in the 2000s, during which he released solo albums, such as Slash , Apocalyptic Love, and World on Fire.

The comparison of Slash to the Hulk in this meme is likely in reference to his guitar skills. The meme image shows him in his signature black top hat, sunglasses and long hair. Slash is like Hulk because of his killer guitar skills. Slash fans will also recall that Set Me Free, Velvet Revolver's debut single, written by Slash, Duff McKagan, Dave Kushner, Matt Sorum, and Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland, was also included in the soundtrack of Hulk.

17 This Hulk Missed His Leg Day Workout

The hilarious meme is meant to comically illustrate why serious bodybuilders never miss leg day workouts. For an overall balanced muscular physique, fitness enthusiasts are advised to never miss leg day during which they do workouts to develop the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. Bodybuilders are often tempted to skip leg day, while focusing disproportionately on developing the muscles of the upper body. This is because leg workouts which involve squats, deadlifts, and other leg exercises, are very strenuous and physically demanding. Legs have the largest muscles in the body, so they have to be exercised vigorously to develop them.

Leg day is important, even to the Hulk. 

However, for the purpose of developing an evenly distributed muscle mass, bodybuilders need to pay as much attention to leg day as chest day. Skipping leg day is considered to be a serious issue because it can lead to an asymmetrical physique. It is a great mistake to neglect leg day workouts because it results in bodybuilders with highly developed upper bodies, but weak-looking and skinny legs. The serious consequences of skipping leg day explain why there are scores of memes warning bodybuilders not to miss leg day. The memes usually show a bodybuilder with superb upper body development, but ridiculously underdeveloped legs.

16 Throwback: Hulk And Thor In The 1980s

The image is from The Incredible Hulk Returns TV movie that was the sequel to The Incredible Hulk (1978-1982) TV series. Bill Bixby reprised his role as David Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno his role as Hulk, while Eric Kramer played Thor. Steve Levitt played the student Donald Blake, and Jack Colvin reprised his role as the tiresome investigative journalist Jack McGee.

While working at the Joshua-Lambert Research Institute, Banner and a team of scientists developed the Gama Transponder which Banner believed could cure his condition and stop him from turning into the Hulk. But his hopes were dashed by the Thor who arrived on Earth, after he was expelled from Valhalla (home of the gods). Thor damaged the transponder and Banner lost his temper. He turned into Hulk and fought Thor. However, Banner and Thor eventually teamed up to fight a criminal organization. Many fans viewing the made-for-television movie today are struck by the quaintness of the pre-CGI movie. Without the benefit of CGI, Eric Kramer looks comical in his Thor costume as he struggles clumsily alongside the titular Hulk to stage convincing fight scenes. The only benefit for older viewers seeing the movie again in the 2010s are cherished feelings of 1980s nostalgia.

15 Step Aside Black Widow, Hulk's Got Things To Smash

The romance between Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) and Bruce Banner's in Avengers: Age of Ultron  has been a subject of controversy. Many fans criticized the relationship on the grounds that it appeared to reinforce the notion that the development of a major female character requires her entering into a romantic relationship. Black Widow's romantic involvement with Dr. Banner was used in Age of Ultron to unveil her tragic backstory. We learned that she underwent a forced sterilization and suffered gender identity issues as a result. Her gender identity issues were used to connect with Banner's troubled personality. Banner also suffers identity issues of his own as a result of the conflict between his personality and Hulk's.

Not a very good choice Whedon, Hulk is an independent man that enjoys destroying things. 

However, some critics argued that character development for the Black Widow did not require a love interest. Many fans also dismissed the Banner-Romanoff match as being forced, strange, and bizarre. But other fans insisted that the relationship made a lot of sense, given the fact that both appeared to be lonely figures who needed to connect with someone to resolve their issues. Fans had assumed that Natasha would eventually get together with Clint Barton (Hawkeye) like they do in the comics, but hopes of the two getting together ended after it was revealed that Barton was secretly married and has a family of his own.

14 Hulk Triceps Workout

Hulk memes are popular among members of the online bodybuilding community and it is easy to understand why. However, we can safely assume that fitness enthusiasts' preoccupation with the Hulk is not a wholehearted endorsement of his monstrous physique, with its glaring distortions (such as oversized hands and feet, overdeveloped trapezoid and calf muscles, and a disconcertingly ugly mug). However, there are a few websites and YouTube videos promoting gym workouts that would bestow enthusiasts with Hulk triceps. This particular meme offers clearly impractical suggestions to the few bodybuilders who covet Hulk's triceps for reasons best known to themselves.

It is understandable that Hulk has to improvise his bodybuilding workouts. No gym could possibly contain the Hulk when he gets into his workout beast mode, and no weights or training equipment designed for ordinary humans could suffice the Incredible Hulk. Any fitness enthusiast seriously looking to step it up to the Hulk level should consider taking this meme advice seriously, as impractical as it may seem. However, you will need to pay attention to and find solutions to problems such a handgrip when you take the risk of serious back injury by swinging a massive boulder over your shoulders.

13 Internet Trolls Won't Like Banner When He's Angry

Internet trolls would do well to avoid social media handles with the names David Banner, Bruce Banner or David Bruce Banner, because you wouldn't want to risk making Banner angry when you encounter him online. Banner must be having a hard time adjusting to online life. It's so easy to come under personal attack in an online world infested in every dark nook and cranny with villainous pointy-eared trolls.Being such an emotionally volatile person, Banner must be struggling to avoid hulking-out multiple times a day, while visiting his favorite online forums.

Hulk doesn't smash internet trolls, he ignores them. 

So what happens when a troll visits his favorite online haunt and targets a nerdy snowflake with the screen name DavidBBanner123, who seems keen on debating the functionality of his new gamma transponder invention. Calling Banner names on the internet could trigger him, causing him to hulkout, and vent his frustration on his keyboard and monitor, because he is unable to reach through cyberspace to grab the troll while growling "puny human." But that safe scenario assumes he is not also a skilled hacker, who has developed some vicious internet virus recipes. Banner could end up creating a new form of Hulk Smash virus that goes rampaging to bring the entire internet down just because you called him snowflakes.

12 Hulk And Black Widow When They Saw A Rat In The Helicarrier

The meme suggests hilariously that contrary to what viewers thought, Hulk was not pursuing the Black Widow in the scene from The Avengers  which occurred in the bowels of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Instead, both mighty Avengers superheroes encountered a rat, panicked and tried to escape from it by running. Thus, going by this meme, we might have found something that the Black Widow and Hulk share in common -- a fear of rats termed musophobia.

Joking aside, the scene from The Avengers has been the subject of debate among fans wondering why Hulk attacked the Black Widow and appeared intent on harming her. Although many fans could not understand why Hulk tried to end Natasha, some suggested that Banner was angry with her because she was the one who convinced him, under false pretenses, to leave Calcutta where he'd been hiding for some time.

Other fans argued that Hulk's uncontrolled rage made him attack the first person he saw, after Banner's transformation was triggered by injuries he suffered due to an explosion. Fortunately, Thor intervened just in time to prevent Hulk from injuring or ending Natasha. The indiscriminate nature of Hulk's rage was demonstrated when he suddenly shifted attention from Thor and attacked a fighter jet that fired at him.

11 Hulk Anger Memory Loss

When the Hulk's anger wears off, he is left wondering what the rage was about in the first place, according to this meme. The tendency of the Hulk to fly into mindless rage that he later regrets is best exemplified by the incident in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) and her brother Pietro (Quicksilver) teamed up with Ultron to fight the Avengers. Wanda has the power to induce hypnotic states and warp human perception. She used her powers against Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk. and even Thor. She manipulated Banner's mind and made him transform into the Hulk. The enraged Hulk then went on a rampage in Johannesburg.

It's okay to forget things sometimes. But, it's not okay to forget why you destroyed half of a city. 

It is uncertain whether Wanda triggered Hulk's rampage by showing Banner a traumatic incident from his past, like being hunted down by the US military, but Hulk's rampage forced Tony Stark to deploy his Hulkbuster armor from Veronica stationed in space. The led to the famous Duel of Johannesburg between the Hulk and Tony Stark in his Hulkbuster suit. During the fight, Hulk emerged from the ruins of a skyscraper looking dazed and confused, just before Stark landed a devastating blow to the side of his head that caused him to blackout.

10 Hulk: To Smash Or Not To Smash Is The Question

The meme is an adaptation of the famous line from Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Shakespeare's character Hamlet is feeling depressed after his father passed away and his mother married his father's brother ,Claudius. He soliloquizes, contemplating the after life and taking his own life, and laments the disappointments and pains of life. He also considers his options with regard to avenging his father.

While Hamlet's questions about the meaning of life were related to the hard decisions he had to make about avenging his father, Hulk contemplates the meaning of life with regard to the question whether to smash or not to smash. The Hulk pauses -- possibly amid a destructive rampage -- to contemplate the meaning of the Hulk-life. Could the Hulk find fulfillment outside of rage-fueled rampages? Despite the limitations of his intellectual functions the green monster could still find other activities -- besides smashing -- that he is interested in and which could give him greater satisfaction and a sense of meaning in life.

A way to fulfillment outside of mindless rage was what the Hulk was offered as an Avenger. Membership of the Avengers offered the opportunity to channel destructive rage to more constructive ends, such as fighting on the side of good against evil. After nearly ending Romanoff in the Helicarrier, he ends up joining the Avengers to save the Earth from Loki. We also find him smashing away to save Earth from the villain Ultron.

9 Hulk Hangry, Hulk Smash!

Inability to control one's emotions and a tendency to outbursts of rage and tantrum is a form of regression to the infantile stage of mental and psychological development, according to mental health experts. Yet even the most emotionally stable individuals tend to be angry when hungry, hence the term "hangry."

Bruce better carry snacks with him, so he doesn't get hangry. 

Physiologists have offered an explanation why we tend to feel angry and short-tempered when we are hungry. According to the current theory, the brain system perceives low blood glucose levels after a period of fasting as a potentially life-threatening situation. The brain overreacts to the perceived threat because it relies solely on glucose as a source of fuel and needs a continuous supply to sustain itself. The brain thus sends signals to the adrenal glands that trigger the release of stress hormones, such as epinephrine and cortisol. These are the same hormones released into the blood stream when, for instance, you are being pursued by a lion that just escaped from the zoo or when you catch your partner with your best friend.

Marvel Comics does not go into much details but we can assume that it is same stress hormones that somehow trigger Banner's transformation into the Hulk when he is under emotional stress.

8 Hulkout: What, No Espresso?

Science has long recognized the addictive nature of caffeine. Recent studies show that users who take more than 100 mg of caffeine daily are susceptible to developing physiological dependence on the substance and that the dependence could lead to pronounced withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, depression, and irritability.

We don't know from the comics or the movies whether Banner is a coffee-addict. But, if like many of us, he relies on a daily dose of caffeine to function passably then we can construct what happens on the morning he gets out of bed and finds he's run out of his supply of caffeine. According to researchers, caffeine acts by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain (adenosine is the substance that induces feelings of tiredness). This stimulates the brain to produce even more receptors, leading to increased tolerance to the stimulant properties of caffeine over time. Thus, if a caffeine-addicted Banner is unable to get his early morning dose, he experiences extreme fatigue. Fatigue makes you grumpy and irritable and consequently more prone to losing your temper.

So watch out, you don't want to make Banner angry when he can get his morning caffeine.

7 What Do You Get When You Cross Hulk And The Black Widow?

According to this meme, a green-skinned ogress version of the beautiful Princess Fiona is what you get when you cross the Incredible Hulk and Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow. Princess Fiona is the fictional character in DreamWorks animated franchise, Shrek, who is voiced by actress, Cameron Diaz. We conclude, based on this meme, that Princess Fiona got her awesome martial arts skills from her mom, Black Widow. Black Widow is a S.H.E.I.L.D. assassin and martial arts expert. One of the best action scenes from The Avengers was Romanoff beating up three Russian interrogators, despite being tied to a chair.

How cool would it be to have Black Widow and the Hulk as parents?

Going by the meme, Fiona got her ability to transform into a green-skinned ogress from her father, the Hulk. According to the Shrek movie, Princess Fiona transforms into an ogress every sunset due to a curse from her childhood. She was imprisoned in a castle tower to await true love's kiss that would break the curse on her. She eventually falls in love with Shrek and shares her true love's kiss with him. The kiss breaks the curse, but instead of reverting permanently to her true form, she permanently becomes an ogress. Banner also views his ability to transform into a green monster as a curse and he has spent his life, since the gamma ray accident, looking for a cure.

6 Hulk Chats With The Iron Man

Here, Hulk is chatting with Tony Stark in Hulk gibberish. Unable to make sense of the green monster's gibberish, Stark advises him to turn on Siri, Apple's human language Personal Assistant for iOS that comes with iPhone and iPad. Siri helps users to schedule events, set reminders, and book reservations. It can take voice dictation, answer a wide variety of questions and make recommendations. Hulk apparently owns an iPhone and Stark guessed that Siri might be able to help translate Hulk's gibberish into intelligible English.

However, not all versions of Hulk in the comics as well as in the movies are growling monsters incapable of intelligible human speech. The version in The Incredible Hulk (2008) could say "Hulk Smash." In The Avengers, Hulk calls Loki a "puny god," while the version of the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok showed an even more advanced vocabulary. He could construct simple statements, such as "Hulk train," and "Earth hates Hulk." He also used figurative language when he compared himself to fire and Thor to water.

According to Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, they decided to make Hulk a little smarter, because they needed a "more cognitive Hulk" to portray the struggle between Hulk and Banner for control. Actor Mark Ruffalo also revealed that Hulk refused to revert to Banner for two years, because he was enjoying himself as a champion gladiator on planet Sakaaar. During the time, he acquired the vocabulary of a two-year-old.

5 She-Hulk Won't Let Hulk Smash

Here, She-Hulk is putting her foot down and won't let Hulk smash, so he retires to a playground to sulk and carnage is averted. She-Hulk might have been able to calm Hulk down when Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, bewitched him and caused him to go on a smashing rampage in Johannesburg. Instead, Tony Stark had to deploy his Hulkbuster armor to confront the threat. She-Hulk, who was a member of the Avengers team in the comics (Avengers #221), could play a role in the movie Avengers team by teaming up with the Black Widow to keep the Hulk under control. After trying unsuccessfully to calm down the raging monster in The Avengers  movie, the Black Widow finally perfected her technique in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Finally someone who could knock Hulk down a peg. 

She-Hulk, whose alter ego, Jennifer Walters, is Bruce Banner's cousin, first appeared in Marvel Comics' Savage She-Hulk #1, published in February 1980. According to her Marvel Comics' backstory, she acquired her She-Hulk powers after receiving an emergency transfusion of Banner's blood. Her cousin's blood caused her to acquire a similar hulking-out condition. She-Hulk is also prone to rage like the Hulk, but she has better control over her emotional states and retains much of her normal human intelligence.

4 When Hulk Loves A Woman

The meme is based on one of the most dramatic and memorable scenes in Hulk (2003) movie, directed by Ang Lee, starring Eric Bana as Bruce Banner and Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross. Banner acquires the power to transform into Hulk after being exposed to a high dose of gamma radiation. The U.S. military captures him after he had a violent confrontation with his father's gamma ray mutated dogs. He transforms once again into the Hulk, while being held captive at a secret military base and goes on a rampage inside the base. He breaks out of the desert base and the military pursues him as he races across the desert to San Francisco. After warning her father, General Thaddeus Ross, that the military can't stop the Hulk and that making him angrier by attacking him only makes him stronger, Betty volunteers to help calm the Hulk down.

The Hulk rampages through San Francisco, triggering a minor earthquake, before Betty arrives in a helicopter at the scene of  confrontation with the army. She goes to meet the Hulk. The Hulk is transfixed when he sees Betty. He calms down quickly and reverts to his human form as Banner.

3 You Won't Like Yoda When He's Angry

Grand Master Yoda's green skin once again inspires his meme association with the Hulk. However, one thing that the cerebral Yoda certainly doesn't share in common with the Hulk is all-consuming rage that spurs destructive rampages. While the Hulk is little more than a raging sub-human monster with boundless strength, Master Yoda was a calm sage revered for his wisdom. Yoda's wisdom was the result of experience accumulated over centuries of life during which he witnessed and participated in momentous events in the history of the Galaxy, including the rise and fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Puny human, you are. 

However, despite his reputation as a level-headed sage, you still won't want to make Yoda angry. He was skilled in the Jedi arts, including the use of the lightsaber weapon. He was also revered as a military tactician and strategist. He served as general of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars and supervised the deployment of clone troopers in response to secessionist threat by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. However, the failure of the Jedi to thwart the rise of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine (Darth Sidious),  led to the fall of the Republic and the dreadful Jedi Purge under Order 66. Yoda barely escaped with his life. He was forced into exile on the planet Dagobah, where Anakin's son Luke found him and trained under him.

2 Someone Just Captured The Hulk

A brave truck driver appears to have achieved what the entire U.S. military couldn't in Hulk and its reboot, The Incredible Hulk. The truck driver has captured the Hulk who appears to be yelling and kicking in protest as he is transported along.

Fans will recall that in the movie Hulk, directed by Ang Lee with Eric Bana as Bruce Banner, Hulk is pursued by the U.S. military after escaping from a containment facility at a top secret base in the desert. The U.S. military had planned to weaponize Hulk's superpowers under a program supervised by General Thaddeus Ross and Major Glenn Talbot.

After the Hulk escaped from the secret desert base, he battles the U.S. military as he races through the desert to San Francisco. Apparently to be with Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly), Banner’s girlfriend and co-researcher at the Berkeley Biotechnology Institute. The entire U.S. military is unable to stop the Hulk and Betty warns that efforts to use force to subdue Hulk complicate the situation, because enraging the green monster only makes him stronger. Hulk enters San Francisco and causes damage, but Betty arrives at the scene and manages to calm him down.

1 Even Ben Swolo Is Too Much For The Hulk

Ben Swolo, commonly know as Kylo Ren, managed to intimidate the Hulk, according to this side-splitting meme. The Hulk roars threateningly and warns, "You don't want to make me angry." Swolo refuses to be intimidated and instead undergoes a hulking-out transformation of his own which looks like his reflection on a distorting mirror. The Hulk is shocked when he is confronted by a foe much bigger than himself, so he promptly walks back his threat and apologizes sheepishly. Besides this meme, the only time that Hulk ever appeared intimidated by anyone was during his confrontation with the supervillain Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Fans were shocked to see the Hulk looking fearful as Thanos out-punched him, lifted him up and slammed him to the ground.

Ben Swolo strikes again!

According to a fan theory, the reason why Banner was unable to transform into the Hulk in Infinity War was because Thanos beat the Hulk so badly, that he was afraid to emerge again to fight. Others suggested that the reason Hulk refused to emerge was that he knew everyone on Earth hated him because of his destructiveness. Hulk had told Thor in Ragnarok that he knew that Earth's people did not like him. The realization that humans hated him hurt Hulk’s feelings. Hulk also resented the fact that although Banner did not like him, he was always willing to use the Hulk to fight his battles. After their fight on Sakaar, Thor at first tried to convince Hulk that Earth loves him, but he later declared that Hulk was the "stupid Avenger," and that "Earth hates him."


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