The Avengers Have a Full House in Fan Video

Back in the '80s television world, sitcoms ruled the airwaves like no other genre at the time. Family Matters, Cheers, Step By Step, Roseanne, Married with Children, and of course Full House were all part of most people's must watch list five, even six days a week. Running for eight seasons, and having just shy of 200 episodes in its vault, Full House was arguably the most popular sitcom ABC had in its lineup. If you need further proof that the Full House property is still popular, it's spin-off show, Fuller House, averaged 14.4 million viewers its first 35 days after it debuted on Netflix.

Now, take the most popular comic book movie adaptation ever, The Avengers (which, with a box office draw of $1.5 billion easily eclipsed The Dark Knight's $1 billion), cut up scenes from both that movie and Captain America: Civil War, set it to the original opening theme song from Full House, and you get a montage worthy of Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr. sharing on his Facebook page.

Taking a trip down memory lane is something everyone does when the familiar theme song from of their favorite television shows starts playing. For Gen X'ers, there's no better form of nostalgia than seeing something they grew up watching to be intertwined with something they're watching now. Zach Ace, the creator of this video, also uploaded a side-by-side comparison video that shows the show's original opening playing next to his creation. For those interested, watch it below.

Besides the obvious change of locations (San Francisco is now New York City), it's interesting to see who Ace chose to pair up in the video: John Stamos - Robert Downey Jr. (both playboys), Bob Saget - Chris Evans (the father figure), Dave Coulier - Chris Hemsworth (the goofball), Candace Cameron - Scarlett Johansson (the sweet big sister), Jodie Sweetin - Mark Ruffalo (How Rude!), Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen - Elizabeth Olsen (who was actually offered the role of grownup Michelle Tanner), Lori Loughlin - Jeremy Renner (always second fiddle),...and Tom Holland (who were assume is Kimmy Gibbler).

Ace appears to be rather new to the world of Youtube (at least this account appears to be new), as he only has four videos on the page, but if this was his first attempt at a mashup (which have proven to be highly popular among fans), then he really hit it out of the park. Mashup videos like this are usually fun and are often an reminder that comic book movies don't have to always be so serious - something studios and producers sometimes forget in their quest to bring beloved, decades-old characters to life. Now, if someone would just mashup the Suicide Squad with Head of the Class....


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