Ryan Reynolds Sends Gift to Deadpool Fan Who Changed Avengers Website

Deadpool star and producer Ryan Reynolds thanks the fan who redirected Avengers: Endgame link to a Once Upon a Deadpool page by sending him a special gift. The move came right before the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 hit theaters for a limited run and just after Marvel Studios finally announced the Avengers 4 title alongside the release of its first trailer.

A savvy social media user himself, the hilarious prank didn't miss Reynolds. Despite the fact that he is expected to join the rest of the MCU after Disney's buyout of Fox's TV and movie assets is finalized next year, the actor loves to poke fun at the House of Mouse and its own Marvel franchise. The fans' brilliant joke was on-brand with some of the creative choices he and his team made for the franchise that he just had to reward him for pulling a cool trick.

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The Twitter user with the hand Guy Inchair shared on his official social media account that Reynolds sent him a package as a thank you for his very Deadpool move. The gift is Aviation Gin's (which is owned by the actor) The Aviation Attaché, which is a "unique case from Zero Halliburton" and includes "a pair of black Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones that were inspired by World War 11 aviator headphones, along with an Aviation Gin & Tonic carry-on cocktail kit." Reynolds replied to the fan's post with a sarcastic comment saying "This isn’t to say I’m proud of what you did. Just that I happen to love you."

Initially, the fan was willing to exchange the gift for Endgame premiere tickets. But after others fans pointed out how much it's worth (the set retails for $850), not to mention the fact that it was sent by Reynolds himself, he eventually decided to keep the kit, but not without getting a couple of offers to buy it instead. In hindsight, it's for the best that he chose to hold on to the present as it could definitely grow in value and become a collector's item, especially if Reynolds added a bit of his personal touch to the product. Regardless, considering its cool history, it sure is nifty to be the owner of the set.

Guy Inchair's aspirations to nab premiere tickets for Avengers: Endgame, however, can still come to fruition. Marvel Studios, alongside some of his stars, have been known to hand out passes themselves and even fly out chosen fans to Los Angeles for their star-studded red carpet events. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo famously reached out to one die-hard supporter who watched Avengers: Infinity War countless times to not just invite him to the Avengers 4 premiere, but also treat him in a behind-the-scenes experience in Atlanta during reshoots. However, since Guy Inchair's prank was playfully made at the expense of the MCU, it's curious if the company would be willing to bring him in despite the fact that he appears to be a loyal supporter of the franchise.

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Source: Guy Inchair

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