Marvel Fan Has Already Seen Avengers: Endgame 103 Times

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A Marvel fan has already seen Avengers: Endgame 103 times, setting the record for amount of times anyone has seen the film in the same theater. It should come as no surprise that the franchise has such dedicated fans, considering the popularity of the MCU films. Endgame was, arguably, the most anticipated film in MCU history, which translated into a whopping $2.721 billion in box office earnings.

Avengers:Endgame culminated the multi-character story arc that began with Avengers: Infinity WarWhile it certainly was the true endgame for some characters, such as Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans), others were just getting introduced, such as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Despite the fact that Endgame writers have stated there will not be any reboots for the characters who died in the film, that does not mean they cannot still appear in the past. Downey has been expressly clear, despite fan petitions, that he will not be returning to the MCU. That being said, set photos leaked last month reveal Scarlett Johansson on a set in Sæbø, Norway, shooting for the upcoming Black Widow movie. The film has already inspired a number of theories, but so far, the most plausible one is that the solo film will take place sometime in Natasha's past. Needless to say, Endgame has had a huge impact on MCU fans, and despite its April release date, the film is still being watched on the silver screen by dedicated and repeat viewers.

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A man by the name of Agustin Alanis has watched Avengers: Endgame 103 times in theaters. He is tied with the man who viewed Avengers: Infinity Wars 103 times, Anthony Mitchell, and Alanis is one view away from breaking his record. He took to Twitter to announce that he had seen the film an impressive 103 times. In the post, he honored the man who first broke the world record, Mitchell, also known by his twitter handle @NemRaps, writing "You sparked this to be done, so I honor you brother." Mitchell replied encouragingly, by posting the comment "Keep going!!!!!" Clearly, he isn't too worried about having his record broken. As of this writing and according to Alanis' Twitter, he's reached 108 viewings. Check out his post below.

Mitchell first broke the record in February, and was honored by the Guinness World Records as the record holder for the most cinema productions attended of the same film. He saw Infinity War 103 times at a local theater in Charlotte, North Carolina. Endgame was released in April, and already Alanis has matched Mitchell's Infinity War record. Only Mitchell and Alanis know if their intentions were to make it into the Guinness World Records, or if they really are just giant fans of the films. Despite their reasons, this is no small feat, and their dedication has to be acknowledged, if not respected.

The MCU is one of the biggest film franchises in the history of superhero movies. Given the amount of Easter eggs and fan theories throughout the MCU, it comes as no surprise that fans would want to view the films multiple, sometimes hundreds of, times. And luckily for them, Disney has a lot of upcoming projects that fans will soon have the pleasure of viewing, which makes room for even more world records to be broken. In the meantime, it looks like the record for the amount of times anyone has seen Avengers:Endgame has been set, and the bar has now been raised.

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Source: Agustin Alanis/Twitter

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