Theory: Endgame's Trailers Are Hiding A Big (& Early) Action Scene

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Is This An Early Avengers: Endgame Action Sequence?

We know from the trailers that all of these heroes at some point are together on Earth and at Avengers HQ, but this footage of Captain America, Nebula, Ant-Man, and War Machine paints the picture that they'll actually be thrown into combat early on. All of them are shown wearing their pre-time jump looks, as the Quantum Realm suits do not appear to have been invented yet. They key to this is War Machine's look, as he's got a slimmed down look with Ant-Man, but has bulked up with Rocket. With Ant-Man and War Machine preparing for battle in Avengers HQ, we believe a big battle is about to break out there.

Captain America standing his ground and Nebula going on the attack fit within the same action set piece, so the question just becomes the location of the battle, and Ant-Man and War Machine suiting up helps make it look like Avengers HQ the setting of the mysterious battle. The new trailer even showed Ant-Man using a pencil to catapult himself over some debris, where he flies past a dangling aux cord. Even though there are several locations where these items could be found, Avengers HQ is as likely as any. There was even a Lego set that previously surfaced online that showed Thanos attacking Avengers HQ, and while we're not totally convinced this will happen in the movie (since he is content and spending his days farming), the inspiration for the Lego set may have come from an alternate version of a scene actually in the film, such as as this one.

If Avengers HQ is indeed the location of the battle, then it looks like the base won't hold up. The destruction that surrounds Cap and Nebula may very well be the remains of the compound. This is biggest potential hole in this theory though, as future shots of the team in their Quantum Realm suits show them walking through one of the hangers at the facility. That said, we can't rule out that the Avengers would be able to rebuild their base of operations. If the Avengers aren't fighting Thanos here though, who is the unidentified threat? That is currently unclear, but it still looks like Avengers: Endgame will challenge our heroes very early on.

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