Theory: Endgame's Trailers Are Hiding A Big (& Early) Action Scene

Avengers Endgame Captain America and Gamora

The latest Avengers: Endgame trailer teased some exciting revelations for the final film of Phase 3. Marvel Studios has taken a less is more approach to the movie's marketing so far and it is working extremely well for them. However, after not showing any action scenes in the first trailer, the second trailer is teasing a big battle that many are hoping will be of the remaining heroes trying to defeat Thanos once and for all - but is it?

As most of the Avengers are aware, defeating Thanos is no easy task. The divided group of heroes each had a shot at taking down the Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity War before he snapped his fingers and wiped out half of all life across the universe, but they could not stop him. Fans have been anxiously looking forward to a proper rematch, but one that this time will likely feature the many powers of Captain Marvel, size-changing abilities of Ant-Man, strength of Hulk, and sharpshooting of Hawkeye.

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However, the second trailer appears to tease that the Avengers will be challenged before they even get a chance to take on the Mad Titan again. With a few select details from the action shots, we've got a theory that there's an early fight in Avengers: Endgame - and that Marvel is attempting to hide disguise it in the marketing.

The Story Of Avengers: Endgame (From The Trailers)

Avengers Endgame Trailer - Avengers in Quantum Suits

Marvel's been very protective over what they are (and are not) showing in Endgame's trailers, but there is still a basis of a story that is starting to form. Iron Man and Nebula are about to die in space at the beginning of the film before they manage to figure out a way to survive and get back to Earth. After some time has passed, the entire roster of heroes begin to assemble. Ant-Man gets out of the Quantum Realm and heads to Avengers HQ, while Iron Man and Nebula look to arrive that same night. Thor and Rocket also return from their own adventure, and we also know that Captain Marvel is with the team in the new trailer - and that it happens extremely early on based on Captain Marvel.

Once they are all together, a plan is formed to stop Thanos and undo the snap, but it will take a while for the plan to come together. There is a clear time jump based on Black Widow's ever-changing hair and her recruitment of Hawkeye. The plan isn't known from the trailers, but their new white suits - believed to be Quantum Realm suits that enable the team to time travel -must be important to it. This is how we believe the plot will start to unfold, but there's still a few pieces of footage that can be slightly confusing in this narrative.

Avengers: Endgame's Confusing Footage

Avengers Endgame Rocket and War Machine

The footage in question comes from the second Endgame trailer and pertains to what the marketing has previously refused to show: the action. After getting a shot in the Super Bowl TV spot of Captain America tightening the strap on his shield during battle, the new trailer now extends this scene. We get to see a cleanly shaved Cap suited up in his new chainmail suit that the film is set to incorporate. He's already being put through the wringer with the new suit, though, based on the dirt and/or soot that covers him. We also get to see Nebula charging an unknown enemy in what appears to be the same location. Even though the background to Cap's shot is blurred, it matches up well with the fire and destruction all around Nebula, and both look a little worse for the wear.

The smokey background and destruction of this set piece also matches up well with two other moments from the trailer. We get to see Rocket in his comic-accurate costume hanging onto the massive shoulders of War Machine's upgraded look. The background initially could make you think that they are part of this same scene too, but that is not likely the case. War Machine is shown in his brand new, enhanced suit, and we know he doesn't start with that suit. A previously shown scene showed him in his Infinity War styled suit standing next to Ant-Man in Avengers HQ as they both put their helmets on.

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This act may not seem like much, but it means that this shot of Rocket and War Machine doesn't come until later in the movie. Instead, a snippet of a small Ant-Man action scene also appears to be from the same battle and fits perfectly as a followup to the shot of him and Rhodey suiting up. If this is all correct, then it appears they're all taking part in the same action set piece.

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