Avengers: Endgame Special Look Trailer Breakdown: 34 Story Reveals & Secrets

17. Tony Stark's Blond Hair Backs Up Time Travel Theory

The first evidence something unexpected is going on in this Avengers: Endgame trailer scene is Tony's hair. In contrast to his typical MCU appearance, he's blond and has a more distinctly gelled hairstyle, one that has only been shown previously in Avengers: Endgame footage of him and the team dressed in their new outfits. These "Advanced Tech" uniforms are very similar to Quantum Realm survival suits, widely believed to be used to help Earth's Mightiest Heroes travel through time in a bid to stop Thanos.

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The only other time we've seen this hairstyle is in set photos showing multiple heroes - including Iron Man, Ant-Man and Hulk - revisiting the Battle of New York. This is likely where (and when) this scene takes place. Although with that evidence, there's something more...

17. Captain America's Costume Is Probably CGI

It is possible this shot of Captain America and Iron Man has been digitally altered: if you look closely at Chris Evans' neck, the connection to the costume is unnatural. Further, he's wearing his Avengers: Infinity War outfit, which he's not been shown wearing in previous trailers.

Crucially, taking in the evidence that this sequence takes place during the Avengers' return to the Battle of New York, we'd expect Steve to be wearing something different: in those set photos, Chris Evans was wearing Captain America's uniform from The Avengers. It's possible Marvel may have digitally altered this scene in order to conceal further evidence of time travel. If that's the case, we may be seeing an older Tony Stark greeting Steve Rogers, attempting to guide him as part of a plan to stop Thanos.

15. The Avengers' Earpieces

Regardless of when this Steve Rogers is from, he has an important piece of MCU kit: an earpiece. In The Avengers, the team communicated city blocks apart despite having no sign of tech to do it. This slight detail would suggest Avengers: Endgame directors the Russo brothers are endeavoring to fix some common fan criticisms.

14. The Avengers Take The Benatar To Thanos

Tony Stark hasn't just arrived on Earth to be reunited with his friends; he's brought the Avengers a spaceship, the Benatar, which means they can go on the offensive. Endgame footage shown at a Disney shareholder meeting featured a scene in which the Avengers discussed how to find Thanos, with Nebula revealing where the Mad Titan had always hoped to retire after achieving his insane goal. Armed with that knowledge, the Avengers head off to a fateful confrontation with Thanos.

13. The Avengers In the Cockpit

It makes sense that Captain Marvel is piloting the Benatar; for all Rocket likes to believe he's a great pilot, Carol Danvers is surely a better one. Meanwhile, notice in the background that the Avengers are all still wearing their own individual costumes, rather than the white team uniforms that have been shown in previous trailers and tie-in merchandise.

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12. Captain Marvel's Endgame Suit

The Avengers: Endgame trailer briefly gives a proper look at Captain Marvel's new suit. It's similar to the one she wore in Captain Marvel, but with a deeper color, larger shoulder-pads, longer Kree star and a belt certainly doesn't hang the same. This was really the first costume Marvel designed for the character, given Brie Larson shot her Avengers: Endgame scenes before filming her solo movie.

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