Avengers: Endgame Special Look Trailer Breakdown: 34 Story Reveals & Secrets

28. The Tokyo Approach

The latest Avengers: Endgame trailer repeats a shot from previous trailers, showing Black Widow flying to Japan for Hawkeye in a Quinjet. While the Japanese city is still brightly lit, even here a few buildings have gone dark, no longer lived and worked in after the Decimation.

27. Rocket and Nebula Grieve The Guardians of the Galaxy

One touching shot in the Avengers: Endgame trailer sees Rocket and Nebula united in their grief. These two have never been close before - and were at each others' throats in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - but they've both lost everything they care about. For Rocket, the pain will be particularly severe; his entire character arc in the Guardians of the Galaxy films revolved around his learning to accept the fact that he's become part of a family. Now, with a snap of his fingers, Thanos has killed them all. For Nebula, the only person she's ever showed any sign of really caring about is Gamora - who was killed as a sacrifice for the Soul Stone.

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26. Pepper Potts Reunites With Tony Stark

This final Avengers: Endgame trailer shows Tony and Pepper sharing an emotional reunion upon his return to Earth. Tony and Nebula were the only survivors of Thanos' snap on Titan and, as revealed in the first trailer, they wound up stranded in space in the Guardians' ship while trying to escape. Naturally, that led to intense speculation as to how Tony would escape. Some had theorized that Captain Marvel would pick him up, but that was debunked by the Captain Marvel post-credits scene. Another popular theory had been that Pepper would rescue him in her own armor, but clearly that's not the case, as they're being reunited on Earth. Instead, this shot proves that Tony and Nebula manage to save themselves.

25. The Night Tony Stark Returns Confirmed

Black Widow Steve Rogers Bruce Banner and Rhodey outside Avengers HQ in Endgame

Notice that Pepper and Tony are being reunited at night-time, in the area around the Avengers Compound. The Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl trailer showed a handful of heroes stood outside the compound, looking up at the night sky. It's now reasonable to assume they're looking at the Benatar.

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24. Iron Man's Mark 85 Armor

Tony Stark is shown flying the Mark 85 suit over Manhattan. This is the first time Iron Man's Avengers: Endgame armor has been shown in the trailers, although official tie-in merchandise had previously given fans a close look at it. The red-and-gold color scheme is sure to delight comic book readers, as it's very much reminiscent of Iron Man's classic comic book armor in the comics.

23. Iron Man in Manhattan

There's strong evidence that Avengers: Endgame is a time travel film, and as a result, this shot shouldn't be taken at face value. It's entirely possible Stark isn't flying over the New York of the present day at all; Marvel is known to have recreated the Battle of New York, so he could conceivably be in the past.

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