Iron Man Fans Petition To Bring Tony Stark Back To Life After Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man fans petition for Marvel Studios to bring Tony Stark back to life after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Since the MCU kicked off in 2008, Tony has been the franchise's poster boy; the original Iron Man film started the whole thing, and he quickly became (arguably) the most popular character. Not only did Robert Downey, Jr. headline his own solo trilogy, he kept extending his Marvel contract to have supporting roles in films like Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as appearing in all four Avengers movies.

But, as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. This year's Endgame marked the end of an era by bidding an emotional farewell to Stark, who heroically sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos once and for all. Many saw this as the perfect way to cap off Tony's arc; the Infinity Saga began with his origin story and concluded with his death. But some fans aren't ready to say goodbye to Iron Man just yet, and are now petitioning Marvel to bring him back.

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Started by user Méline LOISEAU about a month ago on is a petition asking Marvel to bring Tony back to life. The text argues that Stark, after everything he's been through, "deserves to live and see his daughter grow up" and those that look up to him "are totally lost" now that he's gone. As of this writing, the petition has garnered more than 18,000 signatures.

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark Iron Man in Avengers Endgame

As many people know, the MCU is no stranger to reversing character deaths, but it would be quite shocking if Marvel acquiesced to this request and revived Tony. His death is the emotional climax of not just Endgame, but everything the MCU had been building up to that point. Endgame even included a tear-jerking funeral sequence where a majority of the surviving Marvel characters paid their respects to the fallen hero. If Tony were to come back to life, it would undermine all of that and cheapen Endgame in retrospect - something Marvel would never want to do. As a matter of fact, Tony's death was the only outcome for the character envisioned by directors Joe and Anthony Russo, so the safe money (obviously) is on Marvel keeping things as is. Still, one can't fault the emotions of Marvel fans signing the petition, since an MCU without Iron Man is a scary proposition.

Tony Stark may no longer be alive, but his presence is still going to reverberate through the MCU - at least in the early going. Marketing for Spider-Man: Far From Home has made it abundantly clear Peter Parker is mourning the loss of his mentor and is going to have to accept the responsibility of becoming "the next Iron Man" as the franchise heads into Phase 4 and beyond. It's also possible viewers haven't seen the last of Downey just yet, either. Some are theorizing he recorded a hologram message for Peter prior to Endgame's Time Heist (like the one he did for his family), which would give audiences one last bit of closure. It'll be interesting to see what happens, but there's no denying the tremendous impact Iron Man made on moviegoers.

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