Avengers: Endgame Confirms Thanos FAILED His Mission

Avengers: Endgame Shows Thanos Ruined Earth?

It seems that while he was busy preparing to sacrifice his daughter, Gamora, Thanos didn't dig any deeper into his admittedly-simplistic gimmick. What about the life forms that aren't simply eaten? What about the ones that provide oxygen for the entire planet? The bees which allow fruits and vegetables to prosper? The microscopic life that keeps an ecosystem in check? By "restoring balance" Thanos did the exact opposite, punishing all life for those forms which had outgrown their limitations.

A point now seemingly shown in the Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl spot, in images of Earth now reduced by half in population... but a desolate husk of the thriving world it used to be.

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Considering that Infinity War ended with dramatic shots of human beings being dissolved into dust, viewers might not think twice about the tragic world now robbed of literal billions of people. But as tragic as that loss may be... well, the human population was still only reduced by half. Those shots of Manhattan cloaked in darkness, seemingly empty? It should still be home to more than 800,000 people. But even harder to believe is the shot of the abandoned Citi Field, home to the New York Mets surrounded by ownerless vehicles - suggesting America has... stopped watching Major League Baseball?

There's something else at work here than just population decrease. As we pointed out when outlining why Thanos' plan doesn't make sense, reducing the population of Earth by half sounds a lot more damaging than it actually would be. Emotionally devastating, of course. But in terms of population on a global scale, Thanos would only be setting America back a matter of decades, not even centuries. So why has America's most bustling city completely crumbled into a ghost town? And why is electric light or power impossible to see?

Whether Avengers: Endgame reveals this desolation is due to the collapse of the economy, the worldwide ecosystem (algae alone produces 75% of Earth's oxygen), or humanity falling under the weight of grief and horror, one thing is clear. The master plan implemented by Thanos to "rebalance a grateful universe" has completely failed. That's bad news for Earth and the Avengers who survived the snap... but it may be good news when the time comes to defeat Thanos for good.

Thanos' Failure May Actually Save The Day

Thor and Rocket in Quantum Suits and Thanos in Avengers 4

The marketing has confirmed that Iron Man's role will be key in Avengers: Endgame, with toys and concept art dropping major hints that the Quantum Realm will help the Avengers save the day.But no matter how the heroes go about solving the eradication of half the universe - be it time travel, Quantum Realm science, or Captain Marvel's new powers - there is still Thanos himself to contend with. But even with Josh Brolin teasing a Thanos showdown, the Avengers' greatest weapon against the villain may not be brute force, magic, or time travel. It may simply be proving that Thanos' grand plan... won't work the way he thinks it will.

That may be asking a little too much from Marvel, the Avengers, or even Thanos. But no matter how flawed his mission may have been in Infinity War, the film demonstrated that Thanos was motivated by his conviction, and belief that it would bring balance. If he meets future Avengers who have seen how horribly wrong he turns out to be, there's a chance that he could reconsider. Or failing that, perhaps Thanos will come up with another plan to achieve his goal... with the Avengers now ready to actually stop him this time around.

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