Endgame Will Show Thanos Was (Almost) Right - And That's Why He'll Lose

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The Avengers Don't Accept Thanos – And They Can Fight Back

The crux of Endgame is the remaining Avengers moving time and space to defeat Thanos. As far as Thanos is concerned, he can live in tranquility for eternity because nothing left can, or has the courage to, stand up to him. But he's wrong, because Steve Rogers doesn't like bullies, no matter where they come from.

previous Avengers: Endgame trailer had Black Widow reassuring Steve that something they were about to do would work, Steve following up with, “It has to, because I don't know what I'm going to do if it doesn't.” Whatever the Avengers do to lay a strike on Thanos is likely a complete hail Mary, but that's the kind of odds these heroes live with. They're used to it, and pushed to the edge like they've just been, they'll be more cunning and harder to beat than ever.

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The Avengers know what really happened, and they know it's their duty to be the ones who will not accept defeat. Thanos doesn't expect anyone to come for him, because he's maniacal and believes his mission has earned him his quiet solitude. The Avengers have the element of surprise - thanks to Captain Marvel joining Avengers: Endgame - bolstered by Thanos' ego whereby he probably won't even take an assault by them seriously right away. They just need to figure out a way to maximize the one shot they're going to have before Thanos figures out what they're doing.

Thanos Really Was Wrong

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When it come downs to it, Thanos' Infinity War plan doesn't make sense. However, it helps the framing of his narcissism if his plan is nonsensical, because then the evangelical self-belief is just naked ego rather having any element of virtue. He's controlling the universe with the same self-aggrandizing nature he was bathing in when abusing Gamora and Nebula, completely believing what he was doing was for them and not for his pleasure.

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In the snap, life in the universe was robbed of being able to choose its own fate, for good or ill. If great races are doomed to fail, then they should have the freedom to do that, because all life is cyclical to begin with. Downfalls are part of seeing things evolve and progress. Thanos thinks his method creating prosperity is the ultimate one, despite divorced from any kind of reason or logic, and he imposes that method on everything. He committed colonization and genocide on a cosmic level.

The Avengers are fighting for life to have a choice about how it lives and how it dies. They're fighting not just to protect Earth but to protect every planet and race's ability to exist without cosmic oppression. Thanos may not understand what he did was wrong, but he will understand that being an oppressor has consequences, and since the Avengers couldn't save Earth the first time, they're definitely going to avenge it.

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