Secrets The Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl Trailer Could Be Hiding

Avengers Endgame Super Bowl Spot

Here's a few possible secrets Avengers: Endgame's Super Bowl TV spot attempted to hide. Marvel Studios is trying to keep as much of the team-up Phase 3 film under wraps as possible, but that isn't completely stopping them from marketing the movie. The first trailer arrived late last year and further increased excitement for the movie.

Since the release of the first trailer, fans have been left wondering what else the marketing could show in the future. There was plenty of speculation over what was shown already, but many were just as interested in theorizing about what could possibly come next. This came in the fashion of a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl, and despite the minimal length, Marvel loaded it with new footage.

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As the footage continues to be picked apart, there's been no shortage of possible reveals being discovered. Observations like Ant-Man possibly being digitally removed from one particular shot have enticed many, but we're still only scratching the surface. So, Screen Rant examined the Super Bowl TV spot for Avengers: Endgame and came away with nine secrets that the trailer is attempting to hide.

Since these possible secrets are largely just theories for the time being, there can be many different ways to interpret what was happening in the Super Bowl Endgame footage. Whereas it's possible Rocket is on a mission to find Valkyrie and Thor is visiting Titan 2.0, we've also theorized that Rocket and Thor's missions are more tightly connected and they'll seek out the remaining Asgardians together. Even though this video is attempting to find the hidden details in the marketing, there's a very real possibility that Marvel could legitimately hide even more details just by showing fake or altered scenes in the trailers.

If all the footage that Marvel has released so far is indeed legit, they're still doing their best to limit what fans get to see from Endgame ahead of the film's release in April. However, there also may be enough in the marketing so far to piece together Captain America's plan to stop Thanos. This too is just a theory for the time being, and Marvel's history of misdirection makes everything they release for Endgame slightly less believable at face value. That said, with the film reportedly on track to have a runtime near 3 hours, Marvel's only shown a fraction of the film so far. Once the Avengers: Endgame marketing picks up even more, then it may become more difficult to hide all the details they want.

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