• Worried about Avengers: Endgame spoilers? Here's how to protect yourself online. 1 / 10

    Avengers Endgame poster vertical
  • On Twitter, you can mute people and any keyword you like. 2 / 10

    Iron Man Endgame EW Cover Vertical
  • You can't mute words on Facebook or Instagram, but you can snooze likely offenders. 3 / 10

    Thor Endgame EW Cover Vertical
  • Avengers: Endgame premieres next Monday and will start releasing to the public from Wednesday... 4 / 10

    Hawkeye/Ronin Endgame EW Cover Vertical
  • So this is when spoiler risk will be at its highest. 5 / 10

  • Don't read pieces with any spoiler warnings, and be careful of any post-release Endgame content. 6 / 10

    Bruce Banner Endgame EW Cover Vertical
  • Reviews are particularly risky as some critics reveal plot details. 7 / 10

  • You could stay off the internet altogether, but if that's not possible, these tips will help. 8 / 10

  • We at Screen Rant won't post any spoilers before release and will hide any after behind a clear warning. 9 / 10

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