Avengers: Endgame Almost Had A Very Different Iron Man Spider-Man Reunion

Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man and Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man Far From Home

Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Peter Parker/Spider-Man's (Tom Holland) reunion in Avengers: Endgame was supposed to play out significantly differently, editor Jeff Ford reveals. Marvel Studios' wrapped up The Infinity Saga via the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed flick, which also functioned as the swan song for some of MCU's cornerstone heroes, including its inaugural one. After 11 years and a tumultuous journey, Stark decided to sacrifice himself to ensure the future of the universe without the threat of Thanos' looming.

In the aftermath of the Avengers' loss to the Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity War, Tony checked out of his superhero gig and opted to spent the next five years living quietly with Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) and their daughter Morgan. When the idea of Time Heist came up thanks to Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), Stark was apprehensive of the suiting back up, afraid that he's going to lose the quality of family life he's had. But with the guilt from Peter's death continuously nagging him, Tony came around and partook in the mission leading to an emotional reunion between the pair.

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Apparently, things were going to pan out quite differently in the original version of Tony and Peter's reunification in Endgame. According to Ford (who was behind the inclusion of the "I am Iron Man" line in the film) in a recent interview with /Film, the scene was initially going to be quippier and with the involvement of Pepper. The scene was filmed before Infinity War hit theaters, so after they saw the emotional impact Peter's death had in that movie, they opted to lean on that for his return.

"The first time we shot it, Peter and Tony reunite and Pepper's nearby, and Tony goes, 'Uh, Peter, do you know Pepper?" "Nice to meet you!" It's one of those crazy meet-cutes in the middle of a fight. He hugs him and they have this thing, but it felt very incidental, like they ran into each other at an airport or something. We watched it, and they were both great in the scene, but it was like a comedy scene, so it had this schtick quality to it. By the way, we did not yet know how powerful Peter disappearing was (in Infinity War) when we shot that first version. We had shot it, I think, but we hadn't tested it, we hadn't lived with it and actually done the (effect) of (him) going away, so when the audience had that reaction, we're like, this reunion is different now. It's a different thing."

Tony Stark and Peter Parker Reunion in Endgame

Clearly, Marvel Studios executives didn't anticipate the reception that the public has had with Peter's death in Infinity War. While they steadily built his and Tony's relationship years prior to that moment, it wasn't until he dusted off in Titan following Thanos' deadly snap that it became crystal clear how fans had been invested in their relationship. Oftentimes, the MCU likes cutting tension with humor, especially with Downey's character. But it's safe to say that they opted for the best version of the said scene by letting it organically flow and lean on how emotional it was seeing them back together.

The aforementioned bit is great on its own, especially with Peter seemingly unaware of just how pivotal it is for Tony to see him back. However, it also effectively added to the set up of Stark's death. As sad as it was seeing him go, Avengers: Endgame beautifully wrapped-up his 11-year MCU journey - from mending ties with his dad to experiencing a quiet family life and having Peter back. The reunion also helped anchor the story of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which dealt with the web-slinging-hero struggling to cope with the demise of his mentor.

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Source: /Film

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