Chris Hemsworth Covers Johnny Cash's Hurt As Fat Thor In Endgame Set Video

Appearing on last night's The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Chris Hemsworth debuted video of himself as Fat Thor hilariously playing Johnny Cash's "Hurt" on the set of Avengers: Endgame. Among the many shocking developments in the blockbuster Endgame, perhaps none was more stunning than the revelation of the previously ripped Thor's new, obese physique.

Following the tragedy of the snap, and the devastation of Earth that resulted from the disappearance of half the population, it seems Thor simply couldn't hold it together and elected to deal with his sorrow by ceasing his grooming routine and eating everything in sight. While many found the idea of an overweight, depressed Thor hilarious, others accused Endgame of engaging in body shaming, not to mention making light of mental illness. Ultimately, Thor's extra bulk did not prevent him from joining his fellow Avengers in setting things right for the universe and taking down Thanos once and for all.

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During an appearance last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hemsworth revisited Fat Thor, and debuted a previously unseen behind-the-scenes video clip from the set of Endgame showing him in his Fat Thor guise sitting on a bed with a guitar playing an appropriately downbeat song. See Fat Thor playing Johnny Cash's "Hurt" in the video clip below (starts at the 1:43 mark). Hemsworth posted an extended version of the clip on Twitter, which can be seen below.

The new clip joins a growing collection of BTS moments from Endgame that have flooded the internet since the movie's spoiler ban was officially lifted a few weeks into its box office run. Recently, several cast members released videos shot during filming of the movie's big funeral scene, videos that would have rocked the world had they somehow leaked before the movie's release. In another recently released BTS clip, Robert Downey Jr. and Brie Larson get acquainted as Tony Stark and Carol Danvers. Another BTS video featured the emotional moment when Downey wrapped filming on Endgame, bringing to an end his long and wildly successful run as part of the MCU.

Like most of the BTS Avengers: Endgame clips that have been shown, Hemsworth's musical Fat Thor moment is more lighthearted and amusing than weighty. That being said, the clip does offer a little bit more insight into Thor's very blue state of mind as he ate away his sorrow after the apocalypse brought about by Thanos. If Hemsworth does indeed continue on as Thor, either in standalone movies or as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it will be interesting to see if he continues to explore a depressed version of Thor in Avengers: Endgame, or if he goes back to being the happy-go-lucky hammer-wielding hero of old.

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Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Chris Hemsworth/Twitter

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