Avengers: Endgame Screening Organized for Cancer Patients

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The creators of One List One Life have organized an Avengers: Endgame screening for cancer patients. One List One Life, for those unfamiliar, is a crowdfunded video series that follows Dillon Hill and Clay Stevens as they try to help cancer patients complete their bucket lists. The pair release a brand new video every ten days, with their content ranging from comedy sketches to simple Vlogs. Now, with the culmination of the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe right around the corner, the duo are working on a related venture to benefit local cancer patients and children in Sacramento.

Endgame, as mentioned, is the followup to last year's Avengers: Infinity War and the conclusion to eleven years' worth of storytelling in the MCU, going back to the original Iron Man in 2008. Naturally, fans of all shades are eagerly anticipating the film, including those who tragically find themselves battling a major illness, be it terminal or otherwise. Fans have already rallied to get one such terminally ill Avengers fan an early Endgame screening, and the One List One Life team are now doing their part to help cancer patients with a special screening of their own.

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Hill took to the Marvel Studios subreddit to announce that One List One Life has rented out a theater in Sacramento to host a private Endgame screening so local cancer patients and kids in the hospital can see the movie for free. While Hill admitted he and Stevens know it would be difficult to have a cast member attend the screening and meet up with people (in particular Lexi, a patient with Stage 4 cancer who has meeting a Marvel actor on her bucket list), they're trying to get an Endgame costar to make a video for her and the other cancer patients attending the event.

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One imagines it shouldn't be too difficult to get an Endgame star to make a video for Hill and Stevens' screening. Avengers actors like Chris Evans have always been quick to rally and support a worthwhile cause, and a simple video message is probably more doable than a in-person appearance, given how busy the Endgame cast is going to be promoting the film over the next couple months. Then again, it's certainly possible that one or more cast members will find some room in their schedule to visit the One List One Life screening while they're in California. With as assist from the Internet, Hill and Stevens should be able to fulfill Lexi's wish, one way or another.

Beyond that, it's always heart-warming when people like Hill and Stevens act like superheroes in the real world and rally others for a worthy cause to help those in need, like they've done here. Avengers: Endgame is a movie event that means a whole lot to those who've followed the MCU over the years and there's no better way to honor what these films are about than by using them to give back to their supporters, especially those who're in the midst of battling a terrible illness or disease. Here's hoping One List One Life's efforts to do just that pan out.

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Source: Marvel Studios subreddit

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