Endgame: 10 Scenes That Should Make Fans Want To Watch Over And Over Again

Despite the high expectations of fans given the success of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, Avengers: Endgame has not only managed to match those same expectations - but better them too. The Russo Brothers’ latest masterpiece is a cinematic blockbuster, a fitting ending to the first 22 films of the MCU and something that pushes the boundaries of modern film-making as we know it.

It has blown the box office away, too, on a global scale. If you’ve only watched it once then we have one question: Why? We now look at 10 scenes from the movie that should make you want to flood to your nearest theatre and get another glimpse. If you’ve watched it more than once? This will make you want to go a third time.

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10 Reuniting At Avengers HQ

The movie begins with Tony Stark and Nebula looking likely to die in space, having spent the last 22 days trying to make supplies last. But, in a dramatic turn of events, the duo are saved by the newly-introduced Captain Marvel, who uses her superpowers to fly the ship back to earth and plant it right on the lawn of Avengers HQ.

It is here we see some scenes that strike an emotional cord. Tony and Captain America see each other for the first time since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Stark also reunites with Pepper Potts, while Nebula and Rocket share a touching moment where they touch hands. This scene is great because it shows just how much everybody has lost - but what they have managed to hold on to. Getting our heroes back together also gets our heart racing for that is to come.

9 Killing Thanos The First Time

With Captain Marvel leading the charge, and Nebula giving the remaining heroes the location of Thanos, the Avengers decide to go straight to the villain in the hope of stealing the Infinity Stones and reversing the snap. They immediately surprise the Mad Titan by attacking him in his home - but they’re in for a surprise themselves.

Thanos had used the stones to destroy the stones, suffering huge damage to his body as a result. The heroes are left crestfallen by the news but it still makes for satisfying watching as they all overpower him, before Thor snaps (not literally) and cuts the villain’s head off. Having seen him slaughter our heroes in the last movie, it was nice to see him lose this time around.

8 Visiting Thor

Arguably, the MCU’s greatest achievement in every film is tone. Sure, we get emotional, gut-wrenching scenes that live long in the memory. But despite the sometimes dark nature of certain movies, Marvel are always able to find the perfect moments to slip in humor and lift the mood. A prime example of this is when Rocket and Hulk visit Thor, five years after the Asgardian had slain Thanos.

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When we lay eyes on our hero, however, we seem him looking a lot bigger than before. This caused laughs in movie theatres around the world and those grew higher as the scene unfolds. We see him conversing with Korg about a ‘d********’ on the PlayStation, and also lay eyes on Miek for the first time since Thor: Ragnarok. It is a scene that shows how troubled the God of Lightning is. But handles his slide into darkness in a humorous and befitting way.

7 Back To 2012

With the remaining Avengers now in the possession of what Paul Rudd’s Antman confirms is a time machine, they set about undoing Thanos’ snap and bringing everyone back to life. In order to do this they need the Infinity Stones and Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man and Bruce Banner all head back to 2012 in order to do this.

And SO much happens during this time. We lay eyes on our heroes from seven years (our time) ago and the Avengers’ quest has a few hiccups. Tony Stark of 2023 gets battered by the Hulk, Captain America fights himself, Loki manages to escape with the cosmic cube and Bruce Banner briefly reverts back to his human side in a chat with the Ancient One. It’s pure service.

6 Black Widow’s Death

Obviously, watching our favorite characters die is extremely, extremely sad. But Black Widow gets a befitting and majestic send-off, with Natasha Romanoff sacrificing herself for the sake of Hawkeye getting the soul stone.

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The reason it’s worth rewatching is that it is the perfect anecdote to Scarlett Johansson's character. She has always seen the Avengers as a family, one she is willing to do anything for. Hawkeye does his best to stop her from killing herself - trying to jump off the cliff in Vormir instead - but she’s having none of it. She's spent her entire life in these movies making up for the sins of her past. Her sacrifice deserves recognition and allows her friends to take the next step shortly afterwards...

5 Hulk’s Snap

There’s a real sense of emotion as Hulk snaps everybody back to life. A tearful Thor tries to do it instead but, as Bruce Banner explains, the radiation is mostly Gamma and therefore it has to be him. Hulk is in agony as he dons the Stark gauntlet, before pressing his two fingers together and passing out.

The score that plays in the background is beautiful as Ant-Man wonders towards a window, seeing birds fluttering in a flock and smiling to himself. Hawkeye, a man so broken from the loss of his family earlier in the movie, sobs as he sees his previously dead wife calling him. It is in this sequence where the magnitude of their achievement really hits home. And then Thanos comes along...

4 The Big Three Descending

Thanos, as in the 2014 version of the Mad Titan, blows the Avengers compound to smithereens from his ship in the sky. When the dust settles the majority of characters are struggling to escape from the rubble but Iron Man, Captain America and Thor - the three original poster boys of the MCU - are still standing. All three see Thanos sitting down patiently waiting for them and decide to walk down to him, taking the bait.

What happens next is truly, truly epic. Thor, wielding both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir, joins Cap and Iron Man in fighting the Titan - only to nearly lose his life. He’s on the verge of being killed with his own weapon when Cap lifts Mjolnir, prompting gasps and screams in cinema screens around the world. Steve Rogers uses the weapon to save Thor but finds himself the last man standing after his two friends are defeated.

3 Portals

At least, the last man standing for a few seconds. As he prepares to take on Thanos and his entire army ALONE, the voice of Sam Wilson can be heard saying ‘on your left’ in a callback to the first time they met in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. What happens next had people weeping as all of the snapped come through portals made by Doctor Strange and his fellow sorcerers.

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Black Panther, Okoye and Shuri lead the way. Then the Guardians, with Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis and Groot emerging. The Wasp and Scarlet Witch are there, as well as Spider-Man and Falcon. Warriors from every corner of the planet flock through the portals, too, ready to fight. Suddenly, the odds are reversed. You know, from this moment on, that the Avengers are in control. And that this time, they’ll win.

2 The Snap

Like Black Widow, the sight of Tony Stark dying isn’t exactly a scene that will get you buzzing. Instead, it filled audiences with emotion as the MCU’s poster boy performs the ultimate sacrifice, making his passing one of the biggest cinematic deaths of all time - if not the biggest.

With Thanos hellbent on getting the gauntlet and dusting the universe completely this time Iron Man is determined for this not to happen. He therefore uses the nano technology in his suit to ensure the stones float onto his own hand, where he snaps his fingers and wipes out the enemy. He shares a final moment with Pepper Potts, his darling wife, Peter Parker and War Machine rendering everybody an emotional mess in the process.

1 The Passing Of The Guard

Chris Evans as Captain America in Avengers Endgame

While the sight of Chris Evans aged 40 years is rather unsettling - no offense to Chris - it makes for an ideal conclusion to Avengers: Endgame. Captain America travels through time to return the Infinity Stones but decides to hang around a little longer in order to, at long last, have his dance with Peggy Carter.

An older Cap then passes the shield to Sam Wilson, telling him he would be his successor. It gives us just a small tease of what to expect from the next phase of the MCU and ends the film on a high note, with a content Cap sitting back to look at the scenery around him. It’s epic because it’s a fitting end for a man who just wanted to be with the woman he loved.

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