The Russos Drop Dusted Spider-Man in Hilarious Endgame Press Clip

Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo spill the remains of a dusted Spider-Man in a new press interview. Arguably the most emotional death in Avengers: Infinity War, Peter Parker's demise quickly became a pop culture touchstone, with the moment immortalized via GIFs and his line "I don't want to go" continuing to be used in various contexts across the internet. But for Marvel fans, it remains a traumatic experience, something that they're hoping to see rectified in the culminating film. But just before his resurrection in time for Spider-Man: Far From Home, the cast and crew of Avengers 4 continue to make fun of the web-slinging hero's current fate during their global promotional activities.

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Because of his character's current state, Tom Holland isn't participating in the press activities for Endgame, despite the fact that he's surely going to be brought back to life in the movie one way or another. Because of this, the actor is being made fun of by several of his co-stars - some of whom claim he was dusted by Thanos' deadly snap because he's known for giving away massive spoilers. The Russos recently got in on the fun by sharing a funny clip from one of their interviews where they were handed a bottle full of dust that was supposed to be Spider-Man's remains.

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Shared on the Russo Brothers' official Twitter account is an Endgame junket clip from their Seoul, South Korea press tour that started off with Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye/Ronin) given a bottle of dust. After the two paid homage to Spider-Man's remains with Larson promising that they'll bring him back "whatever it takes," it's the Russos' chance to address it. They first thank the heroes who were disintegrated for their service, and just when Anthony was handing his brother back the container, it accidentally slipped and some of its contents spilled. Joe was visibly distraught because apparently, the wall-crawler was his favorite hero growing up. Watch the full clip below:

It's the source of humor off-camera, but it's a pivotal plot point in Endgame. Not everyone was pleased with the idea that Infinity War pulled some sort of cop out by killing heroes that are mostly confirmed to return for their respective sequels. This was made worse by the recurring criticisms of fake deaths in the MCU. However, considering that it paved the way for another re-assembly of the original six Avengers in the upcoming film, loyal followers of the franchise are more understandable of the creative move. Now, with potentially one final mission in front of them, the universe can have a better transition from old to new guards, with some, if not all, of the founding characters possibly biting the dust in their looming battle with Thanos.

Whatever the case may be, fans can likely expect most of the dusted heroes to return after Avengers: Endgame. Aside from Spider-Man, Nick Fury and Maria Hill will be off to Europe in Far From Home, while Doctor Strange will be up for his second solo outing despite no word yet when it'll hit theaters. Meanwhile, Loki, Wanda, and Bucky are all expected to star in their own Dinsey+ series, although there's no word yet when these shows will take place. As for the currently living heroes, they're all fair game at this point. Both Iron Man and Captain America feel like this film can wrap up their arcs, and the same can be said about Hawkeye. Thor and the Hulk might still have stories left in them, but it all depends on what Marvel Studios want to do. As for Black Widow, just because she has a solo film on the way doesn't mean she'll survive their upcoming mission.

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