Avengers: Endgame Gets SECRET Justice For Infinity War Deaths

Avengers Thanos and Vision Dead

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame

The Avengers get long overdue revenge on Thanos in Endgame, wiping his army from existence and setting the MCU back to how it should be. And that includes getting a… special brand of justice for the friends who suffered the most heartbreaking deaths, but weren't able to be brought back to life.

Whether fans feel like Vision's murder goes unpunished, or that the heartbreak of watching Spider-Man die in Tony's arms demands extra payback, Endgame delivers. But that's only if audiences actually notice the subtle details in the deaths of Thanos, his villainous 'Children,' and his army of Chitauri. If you failed to spot these moments, then fear not: we're here to help.

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Of all the deaths and decimation of Infinity War's final act, only a few stand apart from the overall 'dusting' brought on by Thanos’ snap. The first, and perhaps the most graphic death scene of the film belongs to Vision. Not his voluntary sacrifice at the hands (or more specifically, the Mind Stone powers) of the woman he loves, but his brute force murder by Thanos personally, having the Mind Stone torn from his forehead and instantly killing Vision's colorless physical form. While the rest of the film is focused on Thor's attack, the aforementioned Thanos snap, and the disappearance of half the Marvel Universe, the final image of Scarlet Witch broke many hearts--silently turning to dust while still cradling Vision's body, which is left behind in the Wakanda grass.

The final death, and the one which kept fans talking (and shedding tears) was Peter Parker, whose Spider-Sense and superhuman healing meant he actually had a few moments of realization before turning to dust. In hindsight, it would have spared fans heartbreak if Spider-Man simply disintegrated off screen. Because the image of him staggering towards Tony Stark, arm outstretched in hope that he might offer some comfort or solution is too sad to forget. In the end, these deaths were avenged along with the rest of the universe. But Avengers: Endgame gets some secret justice for Wanda, Vision, and Spider-Man, even if most fans will have missed it… and are supposed to be above petty revenge (but who are we kidding?).

It's fair to say that Endgame tosses aside most of Thanos’ story from Infinity War, and the 'children' of his Black Order are barely highlighted as a result. Even though the Avengers already killed each of the villains in Infinity War, few would call that justice considering the horror Thanos committed after they were beaten. So fans won't want to miss the moment in the battle when Corvus Glaive--who famously impaled Vision, twice--is run through with a similar spear by Okoye in the final battle.

His death sees him tossed aside just as swiftly as Vision, so it's poetic justice to spot his wife, Proxima Midnight, cradling his dead body as they turn to dust (showing them how it feels, after so cruelly enjoying trying to end Wanda and Vision's love story).

Avengers Infinity War - Corvus Glaive and Vision

The second bit of justice comes in the final shot featuring Thanos as he truly grasps the utter defeat of his forces, drops to the ground, and turns to ash. Before he does, audiences can see his most devoted child, Ebony Maw, suffer a similar ending to Peter Parker. As the other forces dissolve into dust without the slightest idea what's happening, Maw mimics Peter's death almost identically. Staggering towards his beloved father, hands reaching out in wordless, confused desperation before he is reduced to nothing.

Now, does it balance the cosmic scales any more to know that members of Thanos’ family reaped what they sowed, and forced a ‘father’ to watch his child die without any means of helping? Probably not. But for fans who may have been looking for revenge more than justice, we hope seeing these moments in your next viewing of Avengers: Endgame can help settle the score.

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