Avengers: Endgame Re-Release’s Exclusive Footage Will Be Unfinished

Avengers Endgame Post Credits Scene

The deleted scene included in the Avengers: Endgame re-release will be "unfinished." Earlier this month, Marvel made headlines when it was announced the massive blockbuster would be returning (or, more realistically, re-expanding) later this month with a new version that featured some post-credits surprises. The original version of Endgame broke MCU tradition by not having any stingers (an intentional choice since it marked the end of a story), but Kevin Feige confirmed the so-called "Bring Back" edition will have extra treats for those who stick around.

Since then, fans have speculated what would be shown after the credits. While there's no shortage of rumors on the topic, Marvel has remained mum, which makes sense. If fans knew ahead of time what the deleted scene was, it might influence their decision to buy a ticket. However, there is one bit of information that's been confirmed. Whatever the deleted scene is, it won't have completed visual effects.

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In an official press release revealing details and a poster for the new Endgame edition, Marvel stated the Bring Back event will include an "unfinished deleted scene from the film." Other bits include a message from Anthony Russo and a tease for July's Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Based on the terminology and the specification of "unfinished," it sounds like this scene was left on the cutting room floor early in the process and may not even be that important to the overall plot. Whatever it is, the filmmakers didn't want to spend too much time on it and finalize the special effects since it wasn't going to make the theatrical cut. Whether or not this eliminates the Morgan Stark/Soul World sequence remains to be seen. That scene was screened for test audiences before it was removed from the film, but it's unknown if it was "finished" before it was cut. Regardless, it would probably be best if fans tempered their expectations and anticipated something other than the Soul World scene. That always seemed a bit heavy and plot-centric for a post-credits bonus. The safer bet would be on something a tad more humorous that works more as a stinger in its own right.

The bigger question is if the Bring Back event will be enough to push Endgame past Avatar on the worldwide box office charts. Marvel's latest needs approximately $38 million to top the record, which seems doable but is still a sizable sum of money. There aren't any major studio tentpoles opening this weekend (Danny Boyle's Yesterday is the biggest release), but Toy Story 4 is now out and general audiences are saving their money for Far From Home and The Lion King. Since just about everyone interested has seen Endgame (multiple times, even) by now, Marvel may still have to settle for second place.

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