Natalie Portman Surprisingly Attends Avengers: Endgame Premiere

Thor and Jane Foster

Natalie Portman makes a surprising appearance at the Avengers: Endgame Hollywood premiere. Playing Jane Foster, the Academy Award-winning actress was among the first stars to board the MCU debuting in Kenneth Branagh's Thor from 2011. She reprised the role in 2013's Thor: The Dark World, but since then fans have not seen her in the franchise. There was a brief mention of her in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron where it was revealed that she and Odinson are still going strong. But once Thor: Ragnarok came around, it was revealed that the couple had a falling out.

With the massive identity and franchise overhaul that director Taika Waititi did with Thor in Ragnarok, Jane's existence has been barely acknowledged. Granted that the God of Thunder didn't really have the time to mull over failed relationships considering the series of tragedies that he's been through, but given Marvel Studios' knack for interconnectivity, they could've easily snuck in a reference or two to Jane in other films. But without those, not to mention Thor's nonchalant reveal that they're no longer together, the public just accepted that Portman is no longer attached to the MCU.

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That is until the Hollywood premiere of Endgame yesterday where Portman made a surprise appearance as spotted in Marvel Entertainment's live streaming of the event. The red carpet was packed with actors linked to the MCU, as well as the main cast of the upcoming Joe and Anthony Russo-directed project, but the actress was the only one who had not been in a Marvel film for a while (Clark Gregg is not only a staple of MCU events but has also been in Captain Marvel). Sadly, the Marvel team manning the floor wasn't able to chat with her. Nevertheless, it was great to see her partake in the big gathering like this.

It's unclear what cajoled Portman to attend the premiere, but one would assume that Marvel Studios send out invites to their talents for these types of events. While she wasn't able to come to MCU's 10th-year pictorial, it's nice seeing her with her former co-stars. And since Endgame is the culmination of the last decade of the franchise which she was a part of, it's only fitting that she's there. It's also possible that with her relationship with Brie Larson (she regularly sends her message of support on social media), she was there in support of her as well.

Otherwise, Portman's Jane Foster may actually be in Avengers: Endgame explaining her decision to come out and attend the premiere. After all, she did tell Screen Rant that she's open to reprising her Marvel role. Since the movie plays with time, her involvement doesn't mean that her established relationship status with Thor will be changed. The Dark World directly tackled the Reality Stones, and if theories come to fruition that the remaining heroes are going back in time to re-explore certain times in MCU's history that dealt with the elemental crystals, the film will be more likely one of the revisited movies. Fortunately, fans won't have to wait very long to find out with the ensemble project rolling out by the end of the week.

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