Original Avengers (& Ant-Man) Take Center Stage In New Endgame Art

The original Avengers, and Ant-Man, take on Shanghai in new art for Avengers: Endgame. The fourth movie assembling the Avengers superhero team, and the 22nd movie in the so-called "Infinity Saga," Endgame is set to resolve all the epic events set up by last year's blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War. As huge a hit as Infinity War proved to be, Endgame looks set to surpass it, with a potential $800 million international opening in the offing.

After the events of Infinity War, Endgame finds many of Earth's heroes in mourning over their lost friends, while Tony Stark remains stranded in outer space after his failed battle with Thanos on Titan. However, Captain America and company won't stay quiet for long, as Thanos still lurks somewhere in the universe. This time around, familiar Avengers heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow will be joined by a new hero in Captain Marvel, who was introduced last month in her own blockbuster movie. With a reported runtime of over three hours, Endgame truly will be the most epic MCU movie yet.

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With Avengers: Endgame set to hit theaters all over the world, Walt Disney Studios marketing president Asad Ayaz has revealed some new artwork on Twitter featuring original Avengers Hawkeye, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, together with Ant-Man, gazing out over the Shanghai skyline as if ready to conquer the city (the art is actually a promotion for Disney's upcoming "Chinese Event" in the city of Shanghai). In addition, Marvel has revealed a Russian poster for Endgame that features Black Widow front and center (Black Widow of course is Russian). See the artwork below:

Avengers Endgame Chinese Promo Art
Avengers Endgame Russia Poster

It is perhaps notable that in the Shanghai promo art, Hawkeye can be seen wearing his Civil War costume instead of his Ronin costume as featured in recent Avengers: Endgame trailers. The Russian art however does feature Hawkeye as Ronin. There's nothing particularly spoilery in either new piece of art, unlike a recent Chinese poster that gave away Valkyrie's return to the story. A series of 32 character posters for Endgame confirmed that Valkyrie does indeed appear, but also sadly confirmed that Shuri was a victim of the snap.

The new international artwork for Endgame, with its different little touches tailored to the particular tastes of the country it's targeting, stands as another reminder of how big a worldwide phenomenon the Marvel movies have become. The image of the Avengers and Ant-Man looking set to take on Shanghai symbolizes the way American movies, and especially big epic superhero movies like Avengers: Endgame, have indeed conquered large parts of the globe.

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Source: Asad Ayaz, Marvel

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