• Pepper's Rescue armor in Endgame may have been inspired by her dress in Iron Man 1 / 11

  • Tony Stark gifted his wife her own suit that he used in the final battle against Thanos in Avengers 4 2 / 11

  • It looks similar in structure with his own armor, only with a few design and capability differences 3 / 11

  • Its most notable one is the color change - the Rescue armor is purple-bluish compared to Stark's standard gold and red 4 / 11

    Rescue Armor Vertical
  • This specific design choice may have been influenced by Pepper's gown in the charity ball in Iron Man 5 / 11

  • That night, Stark and Pepper danced and shared a romantic moment together 6 / 11

  • But it was cut short when Stark had to leave upon learning that Stane was involved in arms trafficking 7 / 11

  • It's a cool detail that reinforces the idea that in his own way, Stark can actually be sentimental 8 / 11

  • And while he's already gone, perhaps fans will see the Rescue armor again moving forward... 9 / 11

    Tony Stark and Pepper Potts Iron Man Vertical 4
  • If Morgan suits up - something that was already hinted in Endgame 10 / 11

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