After Endgame: 5 Heroes We Need In The MCU (& 5 We Hope Not To See)

namor submariner 10 underrated marvel characters great movie superheroes

Avengers: Endgame is all the talk in the movie business these days. Not only is the film breaking every box office record around, but it ended a ground-breaking 22-movie storytelling arc in a way that seems to have left fans more than satisfied. And while Endgame certainly does close a big chapter in the MCU, we all know there's plenty more to come from this cinematic universe.

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As we look forward to the future of the MCU, there are endless possibilities with more characters available and the stage set for all-new heroes to step into the spotlight. So with a massive roster of Marvel heroes to choose from, here are the some we most want to see join the MCU, and a few who don't seem like the right fit.

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10 We Want: Daredevil

With the cancellation of the Netflix Marvel series, hopes of seeing these heroes in the MCU were virtually extinguished. However, with a character as popular as Daredevil, it seems unlikely that Marvel would want to keep him on the bench for long.

The blind lawyer turned vigilante just has too much potential to ignore and it would be really nice to see the character get another shot at the big screen. While his eventual inclusion seems inevitable, it's hard to say if it would be a continuation of the Netflix series or a reboot.

9 Don't Want: The Punisher

While many of the other Netflix heroes would fit well into the MCU, it seems unlikely that the Punisher could make the jump. While the MCU film can have their darker moments, there is a general lighter feel to them which the Punisher certainly doesn't mesh well with.

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To bring Punisher into the MCU would mean one of two options. Either the character is made R-rated and feels totally out of place with the other films, or he is watered-down and doesn't feel like the character we know and love. It might be best to set him aside for now.

8 We Want: Squirrel Girl

It seems like going forward, the MCU is willing to take some risks with some of their unknown properties. Guardians of the Galaxy proved the MCU could have success without household names and Ant-Man proved a seemingly ridiculous idea could be a lot of fun. It seems like a great time to bring Squirrel Girl into the fold.

She might seem like a parody of a superhero – and in some ways she is. But with a devoted cult following and that unusual feel, she could make for another hilariously irreverent hero.

7 Don't Want: She Hulk

she hulk 10 underrated marvel characters great movie superheroes

The MCU had been lacking in female heroes for quite a while, but they now seem to be making moves to amend that. Along with Captain Marvel, Valkyrie and others, there are still a lot of great female heroes that can be added. But the MCU needs to be careful about adding the right female heroes.

She Hulk is a popular character with a lot of potential, but it would be hard to include her without feeling like it's just a new female stand-in for Hulk. It would be nice to see female heroes who have their own stories and it doesn't feel like She Hulk is the right character for that.

6 We Want: Beta Ray Bill

It has been said that the MCU will embrace the cosmic side of their universe much more going forward. If that is the case, there are a whole lot of crazy characters who can join the fun, with Beta Ray Bill being one of the most exciting opportunities.

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Beta Ray Bill is an alien who sort of resembles a scary-looking horse. But as odd as he looks, he is one of the few characters proven worthy of lifting mjolnir and is the one who wields Stormbreaker in the comics. He could easily be introduced in Thor 4 and would likely become a fast fan-favorite.

5 Don't Want: Hercules

The future for Chris Hemsworth's Thor is wide open at this point. While he could continue his own adventures, Valkyrie also seems ready to fill his role in the MCU. This would be a better idea than trying to replace Thor with Marvel's Hercules.

The Greek god has actually played a prominent role in Marvel comics for years, even becoming a member of the Avengers for a time. However, it's hard to see how the character could be done in the MCU in a way that feels different from Thor.

4 We Want: Silver Surfer


Silver Surfer is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel universe but has yet to have a great cinematic representation. The character was stuffed into the silly Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but that failed to do the character justice.

Now that the Fox-Disney deal is done, Silver Surfer is available to Marvel for the first time. Hopefully, they take the opportunity to bring his tragic and complex story to life. This could also be one of the most visually interesting heroes in the MCU.

3 Don't Want: Rick Jones

Rick Jones has been a surprisingly prominent character in Marvel comics for years, despite being a pretty bland character. Jones was introduced as a sidekick for the Hulk and served as sidekick to many of the biggest heroes in the universe. He has even been involved with the Avengers in some of their most famous adventures.

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With all the interesting and unique characters now available to Marvel, Rick Jones just seems like a waste of time and energy. There's just nothing special about the character despite how special the comics seem to think he is.

2 We Want: Moon Knight

Moon Knight in the moonlight

As the MCU becomes more and more successful, it would be nice to see them take on more challenging subject matter. Black Panther showed that it was possible to talk about heavy issues while still making a fun movie. The same can be done with a Moon Knight movie.

Moon Knight is a mercenary turned vigilante who could serve as the MCU's version of Batman. More interestingly, he is a hero who struggles with mental illness. Exploring these issues within a big superhero movie has the potential to be truly powerful.

1 Don't Want: Namor


There has been a lot of talk about how Namor the Submariner may have been teased in Avengers: Endgame. This has gotten a lot of fans excited as Namor is a beloved character and one of the longest-running heroes who has yet to appear on the big screen.

Namor is the son of a human sea captain and the princess of Atlantis. He can breathe underwater, swim at super speeds and communicate with marine life. Any of this sounding familiar? Yes, as fun of a character as Namor is, we think Marvel will just have to admit the fact that the DCEU and Aquaman beat them to the punch.

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