Avengers Theory: Endgame Will Lead To The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

Marvel Studios will finish a decade long story in Avengers: Endgame that could change the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever, and it may happen with the birth of the multiverse. Amid all of the success the MCU has experienced in the last eleven years, one of the reasons audiences have become so attached to the films is the overall connectivity between movies. While many can stand on their own, most also had a role to play in leading up to Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

Following Thanos' snap that wiped out half of the universe's population in Infinity War, fans have been itching to see what will come next in Endgame. Marvel's kept as much as possible officially under wraps and have let theories and speculation dominate most of the discussion surrounding the film. While much of the focus has been on what will happen, there's also been a fair amount of attention given to a post-Endgame MCU.

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Marvel is currently developing several Phase 4 films that have helped piece together what the future will look like in a broad sense, but the long-term plan for the MCU is still a mystery. In Screen Rant's latest video, we take a look at the theory that the post-Endgame MCU won't even be the traditional MCU. That's right, we think that Endgame will lead to the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse (MCM). Check out the video above for all the details.

Doctor Strange multiverse scene

Prior MCU films like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange have helped lay the foundation for the multiverse to exist, but it was actually Thor: The Dark World that mentioned that other universes exist. With some set up already out of the way, Benedict Cumberbatch may have actually confirmed the MCM is coming. He mentioned last year that the MCU as we know it is already so populated and crowded with characters that "it's just about to explode into other dimensions." Cumberbatch is usually good at protecting secrets (or stopping Tom Holland from spoiling them), but this may have been a slip up on his part.

There's several advantages to a multiverse too, such as it giving Marvel Studios the opportunity to tell an even wider range of stories, and do so with less strict continuity. These alternate universes could also help introduce the X-Men and Fantastic Four, but allow both of them to potentially exist on their own, meaning they won't need to be retconned in to the history of the MCU. It also just gives Marvel Studios freedom to try several options from a story perspective, like having Spider-Man: Far From Home's villain Mysterio be from another dimension. This is just a theory as of right now, and with Avengers: Endgame less than a month away, it won't be long before we get to see if any multiverse seeds are planted.

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