Avengers: Endgame Will Be Unlike Anything Else In The MCU

Endgame Tries A Lot Of New Things For Marvel

Not only does Avengers: Endgame have the Avengers actually avenging, but it's trying out a number of other things that are new to the MCU as well. The clearest of these from the marketing is the lineup of the team. Infinity War killed off a number of major heroes, that means the ones left on Earth need to band together. This does include some of the original Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner - but Hawkeye's exact role in Endgame is unclear, and Tony will spend some of the movie separated. Joining the ranks, then, are Ant-Man, War Machine, and Rocket Raccoon. There'll be new group dynamics at play. Some characters are meeting for the very first time (Thor and Ant-Man, for example, should be great).

On top of that, though, are the plot devices. Although we don't know to what extent yet, Avengers: Endgame is going to be a time travel movie. The heroes will be traveling back as they (presumably) attempt to stop Thanos from collecting the Infinity Stones and undo the snap. Time travel has been loosely hinted at before, but this brings it fully into the MCU. That is a serious game-changer. That goes hand-in-hand with its use of the Quantum Realm, which will likely be how the Avengers time travel. It's been featured before as well, but now we're looking at a movie that explores it in much more depth, and opens up things like time vortexes.

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It's not just going back in time that's new, though. There'll also be a significant time jump within the movie. This has been rumored for some time - an older Cassie Lang was reportedly cast last year - but the trailers somewhat allude to it. We see Black Widow with her Infinity War hairstyle at one point but then a much longer, braided style at others. New Avengers: Endgame images have confirmed it'll be red again too, so there's going to be a leap in time at some point. These are all bold, ambitious techniques and chart a new course for the MCU. That's without mentioning that Endgame could be the first 3-hour-long MCU movie, with a rumored intermission - itself a new step for the franchise.

Endgame Marks The End Of The MCU's First Saga

Avengers: Endgame doesn't just end Phase 3 of the MCU, but it ends the entire Infinity Stone saga as well. Marvel may have separated their movies into phases, but almost everything up to this point has been linked by either the Avengers' roster or the Infinity Stones (and often both). It's one big, 22-movie story; Endgame brings that to a close. Whatever happens with Thanos, it's unlikely the Mad Titan will be in another present-day MCU movie. He might appear in The Eternals, but otherwise his time is done (at least for a good while). Likewise, Marvel can't make another Infinity Stones movie. The Infinity Stones may be destroyed, or scattered and protected. Regardless, this is the end of the saga built around them, which has been going since the MCU's Phase 1.

Even bigger than that, though, is Endgame is the end of the line for some original heroes. At the very least, it's almost certainly the last time we'll see Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Both Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans are expected to be done with the MCU after this. They're the two biggest heroes, the ones who lead the team and who everyone recognizes. Marvel movies are always building to the next one. There's always been an eye on the future for the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. Another fight, another movie. Avengers: Endgame will be different because it really is the end for them. After this, the MCU will never be the same again.

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