Mark Ruffalo Calls Out Endgame Cast For Breaking 'No Phones' Rule

Almost two months have passed since Avengers: Endgame was released in most parts of the world, and with it some of the restrictions the cast had had since filming were lifted, only proving that the Earth's Mightiest Heroes are not the best at following instructions. Like most films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, details on Avengers: Endgame were kept under wraps for months, with an extra hint of secrecy given the major events that were taking place in the story.

To further ensure that no one spoiled the story for anyone, directors Anthony and Joe Russo re-launched the “Thanos demands your silence” campaign, and asked the cast to not use their phones on set – you just never know when a spoiler might leak, especially when you have Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo on the team. In the end, nothing major was leaked prior to the release of the film, but we’ve been learning that the cast are a bunch of rebels when it comes to their phones.

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Once the world was given green-light by Marvel to freely talk about Avengers: Endgame on social media, the cast began sharing a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos and videos that go from casual pics of them relaxing after shooting a scene to actual on-set looks – which was exactly what the whole “no phones” rule was for. Still, the cast has been unapologetically sharing a bunch of material on their social media accounts, with Mark Ruffalo offering one more look at life on set and proving once more how seriously they took the aforementioned rule.

A “no phones” rule in the digital era is a tough one to follow, even if there are good reasons behind it. But given that this was the final film of the Avengers and the MCU as we have come to know it, it’s only natural that the cast would not pay attention to the rule – as long as they kept all material to themselves until the ban was lifted, of course.

In the end, the film made it to the big screen without any major spoiler-related scandals, meaning that the probably extreme measures taken by Marvel and the Russos were effective, and that they can count on Holland and Ruffalo’s secrecy after all. Avengers: Endgame marked the end of the arc of the original Avengers and made way for other superheroes to build a new storyline for years to come, such as Spider-Man and Captain Marvel.

While there will be behind-the-scenes videos and featurettes once Avengers: Endgame gets a home release, there’s nothing like seeing life on set through the eyes of the cast, especially one as close as this one. They might not follow the rules on set, but they do know how to keep a secret for months.

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