Avengers: 10 Hilarious Endgame Logic Memes That Make Professor Hulk Laugh

Memes aren’t far behind when it comes to mainstream films, and Avengers: Endgame would be the last film in the universe not to have an army of memes arriving our way. As the film has been out for quite some time, we’re now deep into these memes, and these now carry context as well.

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In this list, you’ll find posts that either question or point toward the logic that was applied in the film – both in-universe and in the eyes of the fans. Whatever the context, you’re sure to get a great laugh out of these, and even Professor Hulk would see them as an absolute win.

10 I Don't Think Steve Will Do Much

It was a fitting end that Captain America got, where he retired in an alternate timeline with Peggy Carter. However, there’s the gruesome truth that everything we saw happen in the MCU still happened, which means the Winter Soldier did kill Howard Stark and his wife, and Captain America had knowledge of this happening.

Going by that, it seems so insensitive that he would have just let it happen, as his best friend would’ve taken the lives of his other close friends. Since Captain America didn’t interfere with the timeline, maybe he did just laugh off the horrible deaths of his friends, and it simply reminded him that December 1991 was here.

9 Context Is Your Friend

All of us knew that the 2018 Thanos had taken the life of Vision while Scarlet Witch watched, but 2014 Thanos had no idea who Vision was, much less because Vision wasn’t even created where he was from. This is why Thanos was befuddled when a bloodlusted Scarlet Witch told him he’d taken everything from her.

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Poor Thanos didn’t have access to the logic being applied by Wanda, and this quote from Loki has never been better placed. Thanos wasn’t lying either when he said he had no clue who this incensed woman in front of him was, which means the guy got jumped for something he hadn’t even done.

8 The True Hero

Thanos’ defeat at the end of the film wasn’t really down to Iron Man snapping his fingers, or due to Black Widow’s sacrifice; it was the doing of the rat that freed Ant-Man. Had this rat not released Ant-Man from the Quantum Realm, we never would’ve had the Time Heist to begin with.

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This makes the rat the strongest superhero, since it was the only one who knew how to get Scott out of his captivity. So, move away Thor and Captain Marvel, we have the true savior of the universe right here. He might even be a distant cousin to Rocket.

7 Thanos' Logic

In all fairness, Thanos wasn’t wrong with his theory here, and we saw him achieve the destruction of the Infinity stones when he used them to, well, destroy them. The line, “I used the stones to destroy the stones” sounds hilarious, but he did get the job done.

For those who don’t understand it still, here’s the best way we can relay the logic behind the act to you. A picture tells a thousand words, so Tom here is going to illustrate how the stones were used to destroy themselves. It was pretty much a case of using your own gun to shoot yourself.

6 Another Way To look At it

By the end of Avengers: Endgame, everyone had lost to Thanos and the Mad Titan was inevitable in snapping his fingers, only for Iron Man to dupe him by stealing the stones from the gauntlet. While he didn’t steal the gauntlet itself, this meme still makes sense as Tony achieved in taking Thanos’ powers away from him.

Had Thanos been a meek kid like Peter Parker, we might have even seen something like this where Tony admonishes Thanos for believing he’s all gauntlet and no purple megalomaniac. Maybe all Thanos needed was a little therapy session to change his mind.

5 Should've Tried That, Thanos

The Thanos we saw from 2014 was way more vicious and seemed greatly powerful compared to the Avengers: Infinity War version. The reason for this was because the alternate timeline Thanos was incensed that his counterpart’s successful implementation of the snap hadn’t caused the legion of grateful followers he’d predicted for himself.

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When he realized killing half wasn’t the way to go, Thanos decided he’d just kill everyone and start over again. Perhaps, Thanos didn’t just happen to come upon this realization, and instead called in the Infinity Gauntlet hotline, where the guy from The IT Crowd gave him a better solution. We know we can always count on tech support.

4 We're still Feeling The Loss

Fans have had around a couple months to process the demise of Iron Man, but we’re still mourning the superhero’s passing. The funeral scene from Avengers: Endgame has become something of a joke in real life, though, as the actors’ constant uploading of behind-the-scenes footage has made the impact rather less.

Of course, true Iron Man fans still won’t relent and laugh at it, and this Twitter user (who considers themselves from Stark Industries) feels as if the jokes are still too soon. There’s no fun in funeral as far as the diehard Iron Man fans are concerned, although the logic of the actors involved in the film now is that the scene was fun to be a part of.

3 No Spoilers Given

You know, Doctor Strange probably had the most chill time ever, as he saw everything that was going to happen and just let it be. If you think about, the whole time nobody was in any real trouble, since Doctor Strange had orchestrated it that way.

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When we saw the Doctor in the final Battle of Earth, he’s just doing his thing because he’s already seen the film. So, if you feel happy for sneaking into an early screening of Avengers: Endgame, know that Doctor Strange had already seen it way before you.

2 Disney's The Real Winner

Here, the logic is applied in the real world, as Disney’s laughing all the way to bank due to diehard fans heading to the cinema to watch Avengers: Endgame four-to-five times if necessary so that the film can beat Avatar at the box office. These people don’t realize that the winner is still the same company, seeing as Disney owns both franchises.

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There’s no point in having Avengers: Endgame beating Avatar’s record because it makes no difference. All it does is make Disney richer, and takes away your money that you’re willingly handing over to them for a film you’ve seen several times already by now.

1 No Need To Say It Twice

Black Widow’s insistence at being the one to jump to her death on Vormir was so enthusiastic that you’d think she wanted to go for a dive all along. Granted, there didn’t seem to be any other way but to jump, but Black Widow didn’t even stop to think about it.

Instead, the scene had us see she and Hawkeye fight over who’d get to fall rather than the two planning something out. It was clear the movie wasn’t going to be wasting any time on them mulling things over, and the end result was Black Widow looking like a happy camper and plummeting to her demise.

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