RDJ Shares BTS Look at Iron Man's Emotional Endgame Reunion With Spider-Man

Robert Downey Jr. shares a behind-the-scenes look at Iron Man’s emotional Avengers: Endgame reunion with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. When Spider-Man was finally allowed to join the MCU after Disney struck a deal with Sony, the decision was made to pair Peter Parker with a new mentor in Tony Stark. The move would prove to be an inspired one, as Downey and Holland quickly established a winning rapport that made their pairing a popular one with fans.

After their initial meeting in Captain America: Civil War, Stark and Parker would reunite for 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. But it was Avengers: Infinity War that really took the Parker-Stark pairing into emotional territory. Despite Stark’s best efforts to protect Parker from the menace of Thanos, Parker stubbornly thrust himself into the battle, and at one point nearly succeeded in wresting the Infinity Gauntlet from the cosmic bad guy. But of course, Parker’s fate would later be sealed when we was dusted along with half the life in the universe, leading to perhaps the most heartbreaking scene in the MCU, as he vanished from existence right in Stark’s arms. But as fate would have it, Parker would indeed return - as expected - in Endgame, and enjoyed a touching reunion with his mentor Stark.

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With the Endgame spoiler ban officially lifted and the movie’s stars releasing behind-the-scenes videos right and left, Downey has now stepped up himself to offer fans a glimpse of what it was like to film that touching reunion scene between Iron Man and Spider-Man. See the video below:

After Holland’s awkward Spider-Man leap into the scene, things indeed get very real as he and Downey portray the reunion between teacher and student. Of course, as everyone in the world now knows, the reunion would be short-lived, as Stark would finally sacrifice himself by wielding his home-made Infinity Gauntlet during the final battle to defeat Thanos. As has already been revealed by the first trailer for the film, the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home will see Parker dealing with the after-effects of Endgame, including his grief over the death of Stark.

Now that fans know Iron Man’s ultimate fate in Avengers: Endgame, the entire Tony Stark-Peter Parker relationship takes on a much greater note of poignancy. Among the many great decisions that have been made by Kevin Feige and the rest of the braintrust at Marvel Studios, there’s no question one of their smartest moves was pairing Holland and Downey, creating one of the best teacher-student relationships in superhero movies. That relationship may ultimately have come to a tragic end, but that ending was also a satisfying one for fans, as the box office for Endgame has clearly demonstrated.

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