Iron Man's Avengers: Endgame Armor Is Closer To The Classic Comics

Iron Man Mark II Suit

Iron Man's (Robert Downey Jr.) possible Avengers: Endgame suit is predominantly gold as revealed in newly surfaced concept art. With Avengers: Infinity War leaving Earth's Mightiest Heroes defeated by Thanos (Josh Brolin), the remaining heroes are gearing up for another bout against the Mad Titan in an effort to restore peace and order in the universe after the villain wiped out half of life across the galaxy. But while every single surviving character now has a personal grudge against Thanos, Tony Stark remains at the forefront when it comes to wanting nothing but to see the intergalactic bad guy fall down.

The first Avengers: Endgame trailer revealed Stark hopelessly floating in space with no signs of being rescued. It's still unclear just how he'll find his way back to Earth, but based on set photos from the film, he'll eventually reunite with his remaining Avengers teammates as they reassemble to once again face Thanos. That means Stark will also be busy coming up with a brand new suit that will make him more prepared the next time he goes one-on-one with the Mad Titan.

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A piece of Endgame concept art made its way online recently and it offers fans a look at what possibly could be Iron Man's armor in the film. Shared on Instagram by skull101fy, the illustration is significantly different from his Infinity War suit with the armor having more gold patches compared to its predecessor's predominant red color scheme. It actually reminds fans of Mark II from the comics. Check out the image below:

In the MCU, it looks more similar to Stark's earlier designs, particularly the Mark II and Mark III as seen in Iron Man. Despite this, the arc reactor still has the same shape as his Bleeding Edge Armor which means that it's still nano-tech. Cross-referencing this concept art with previously released images for both War Machine's (Don Cheadle) upgraded suit and Pepper Potts' (Gwyneth Paltrow) very own for Endgame, all sport a similar looking reactor, implying that Stark may have incorporated the same mechanism in their suits.

What's curious, however, is what prompts Stark to mine inspiration from his old suits. Throughout his journey in the MCU, he has continued to tinker on his armor and other gadgets almost to the point of obsession. And every single time, he adds an improvement and brand new feature to it based on how its predecessor fared on his most recent mission. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have regularly pointed out that Stark's Infinity War suit is his most high-tech armor ever, equipped with all the capabilities that he thought would be handy in facing Thanos. But despite all this, it still failed to defeat the Mad Titan.

With another (possibly his last) fight left in him in Avengers: Endgame, what if the suit that actually helps Stark defeat the villain is something that he made in the past? In hindsight, looking back at how his journey started and how his suits evolved over the years will be a nostalgic way to close out Stark's arc, and the overarching MCU narrative that began with him.

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Source: skull101fy

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