Yes, You Should See Avengers: Endgame In IMAX

Avengers Endgame IMAX

The best way to watch Avengers: Endgame will undoubtedly be at an IMAX cinema. IMAX tickets are more expensive than regular prices, and as a result moviegoers are often wary. And yet, superhero films have long been at the forefront of IMAX technology, making them very much worth the extra cost.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight made cinema history back in 2008 when he used IMAX 15/70 mm cameras to film an entire 28 minutes of run time. The MCU was a little slower to catch up to its DC rival, but everything from Iron Man 2 onwards has been released in an IMAX format. Ryan Coogler's Black Panther was specially formatted for IMAX ratios in order to introduce the fictional African country of Wakanda. The Russo brothers experimented with IMAX cameras during the production of Captain America: Civil War, and they were clearly impressed.

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It's not unusual for blockbusters to film selected scenes with IMAX technology, but the Russos have gone one one step further. They have filmed the entirety of both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame with experimental IMAX Arri-65 cameras. "The intent with the Infinity War films is to bring ten years of accumulative storytelling to an incredible climax," they noted in a statement back in 2015. "We felt that the best way to exploit the scale and scope required to close out the final chapter of these three phases, was to be the first films shot entirely on the IMAX/ARRI Digital camera."

Avengers Endgame Chris Evans

Speaking to Screen Rant last year, the Russos stressed that IMAX technology is uniquely suited to this kind of superhero ensemble. As Joe Russo noted, "We have a lot of characters who ... are tall, unnaturally tall. So it really helps with the frame, because that IMAX aspect ratio works for those types of characters, and the landscapes are stunning." As Avengers: Infinity War demonstrated, the IMAX aspect ratios are perfect for creating exotic landscapes, such as alien worlds like Titan or Knowhere, or the lush African plains of Wakanda. The Avengers: Endgame trailers and TV spots have avoided confirming most of the locations - with the exception of the Avengers Compound - but they're sure to be just as creative and well-developed.

All this means that Avengers: Endgame is a unique cinematic experience. Most films are digitally remastered for IMAX, a process that - however visually impressive - isn't always worth the extra ticket price. In the case of Avengers: Endgame, however, the entire film has been designed to take advantage of IMAX aspect ratios and the depth perception that IMAX screens offer. For Avengers: Endgame, IMAX is a must.

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