• Avengers: Endgame introduces its first openly gay character, but does it work? 1 / 7

    Avengers Endgame Vertical
  • The character, played by Joe Russo, appears in a short scene with Steve Rogers. 2 / 7

    Joe Russo Vertical
  • While he talks openly about dating a guy, the scene is brief and has little impact. 3 / 7

    Chris Evans as Captain America In Avengers Endgame Vertical
  • Many feel this cameo is little more than a token gesture form Marvel, who often come under fire for lack of diversity. 4 / 7

    Avengers Endgame Poster Middle Vertical
  • Fans feel it's time that an LGBTQ character was given more prominence in the MCU 5 / 7

    Valkyrie Thor Ragnarok Vertical
  • Marvel made a brief gesture within a great movie, but now it's time to build on that going forward. 6 / 7

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