Endgame BTS Photos & Videos Reveal Avengers Filming Big Funeral Scene

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The cast of Avengers: Endgame share behind-the-scenes images and videos while filming Tony Stark's funeral. It's been more than a month since Marvel Studios' crowning jewel project hit theaters, yet, it remains to be a hot topic among fans and even those who were involved in the film. The actors, in particular, continue to relive their experience working on the Joe and Anthony Russo-directed flick, sharing snaps and clips they personally took during their time on the set.

Picking up after the catastrophic events of Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame sent the original Earth's Mightiest Heroes and a handful of their remaining allies on a new mission dubbed the Time Heist in the hopes of bringing back all those who were snuffed away by Thanos' The Decimation. They ultimately succeeded, but not without some major losses along the way including MCU's inaugural hero, Iron Man, who wielded the power of six Infinity Stones to ensure that the Mad Titan never threatens the universe - at least in the main timeline. As a fitting send off to the franchise's poster boy, Avengers 4 had an emotional funeral for him featuring almost every big name character in the film series. Amusing as it was watching the bit, it's more fascinating to see its behind-the-scenes since all actors present in that star-studded sequence was on-location that day.

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Endgame actors didn't miss the opportunity to document the on-goings during that day on set, some of them have already made online in the last couple of weeks. But a new wave of BTS images and videos arrive courtesy of Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans. Ruffalo started by sharing a string of snaps he took of his co-stars while waiting for the cameras to roll. There's a wide shot capturing a string of actors mingling with each other, while there are close-up snaps of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Don Cheadle and Evans, who was also busy documenting the experience. After seeing his co-star share his images, the Captain America actor followed suit and released a couple of videos he took. Check out all of them below:

In Ruffalo's caption, he made fun of the fact that Tony's funeral was called "The Wedding" in the call sheets - a codename the filmmakers gave the scene to prevent any narrative leaks. Iron Man's death was arguably Endgame's biggest kept secret. The odd thing about this, however, was fans had been anticipating the hero and Captain America to bite the bullet as early as Infinity War. Yet, when it finally happened, it was still a shocker. What made it much sadder is the fact that Tony left behind a wife and young daughter behind when he decided to sacrifice himself.

Considering that Tony's funeral was shot even before Ant-Man & The Wasp hit theaters as revealed by Kevin Feige recalling how Holland was so starstruck with Michelle Pfeiffer, means that the cast knew all along how Avengers: Endgame was going to end. Even if they were initially informed that they were supposed to film a wedding, they would've figured out what's really going on given the ambiance of the scene they're shooting, not to mention Downey not being on set. Then again, it was safer for the actors to do press claiming they know nothing than give any inclination that they're aware of how the twin Avengers sequel's narrative pans out.

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